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January 4, 2009

Finally, Some Snowfall I Can Live With

Filed under: Nature, weather — Brian Lutz @ 9:59 pm

Over the past couple of weeks, I have noticed that people’s tolerance for snow in its many forms has diminished somewhat around here lately.  After all the snowfall before Christmas which left nearly eighteen inches of snow on the ground and made a mess of the roads for the better part of two weeks, it seems that even the most diehard of snow fans in this area are starting to get just a bit sick of the stuff.  Fortunately, we managed to get a break from the snow for a week and a half after Christmas which allowed the stuff to be mostly melted away and cleaned up, but this evening it looks like the snow has returned for an encore, bringing another inch or so of big wet puffy flakes to the area, although it now seems to have let up again.

Here you can get an idea of the type of snow this particular flurry dropped on us.  It’s the type of stuff that seems to have just enough substance to stick to things with little difficulty, but it still seems not to be all that cold, and on the roads and sidewalks its already begun to turn into slush pracically as soon as it hits the ground. 


With much of what’s left from Winter’s opening salvo having already melted over the past week, this snow is mostly falling on bare ground, and with some  moderately warmer weather on the way in, I doubt this snow will be hanging around for too long.  I am seeing a few people having difficulty with the driveway out to 148th (others are getting up it with no problem at all though,) but fortunately this little flurry decided to wait until most people were in for the evening, put down a perfectly reasonable inch of snow that just barely covers up the ground, and brought with it the type of snow that would be perfect for snow sculpting (although given the, um, artistic results of the last snowfall I’m not so sure I should be encouraging such things around here.)  I suspect that most of this will be gone in the morning in time for the commute as well.

Judging from some of my friends’ Facebook statuses, it seems that not everyone shares my assessment of this particular weather pattern,  Most of the comments seem to fall somewhere in the range between “Ugh, not snow again!” and “%#$!, not snow again!” with the occasional “Boy, I sure am glad I’m glad I’m somewhere it’s not snowing” comment from some wiseguy who just happened to be somewhere else thrown in for good measure.  I suppose that after the big mess we got from the last go-around I can see why people might not be so fond of Old Man Winter at this point, but to be honest, this is the type of winter weather I can live witharound here, as long as I don’t have to go driving in it or have to put up with icy roads for two weeks at a time.  Not that I’m necessarily asking for more of the stuff, mind you…

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