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January 11, 2009

Bedtime Stories for Insomniac Toddlers

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Yesterday, my nephew Corey celebrated his first birthday, and as is typical in our family, we had a little get together at Jacki and Terence’s house to celebrate the occasion…  Well, the grownups were celebrating anyway, Corey himself seemed mostly to be vaguely aware of some new toys appearing and wondering why everybody was watching him eat cake, but we’ll give him a year or so to figure out the whole birthday bit.  My sister Jacki put up a post over at their family Blog detailing the celebration, which mostly involved frying things, something of a tradition within the Vanderhoeven Machine for celebrating various  things in a not-entirely healthy manner.  Between the Krokets, Lumpias, and just about everything else in the house that could be battered and deep fried. I don’t think there was too much calorie counting going on.

Among the presents that Corey received for his birthday was this board book:

I’m sure anyone who has or has had children at some point is quite familiar with these things.  For the most part, these types of books tend to top out at about 10-12 pages, and might fill those with all sorts of cute little baby animal pictures (as seen in the example above) or other similar material, and if the author of the book was feeling particularly ambitious  this time around you might get about fifty words worth of story (give or take a dozen) crammed into those pages in big,  toddler-friendly lettering.    This book, on the other hand, seems to buck the trend.


I didn’t bother counting the pages in this particular example, but compared to most of the toddler-oriented literature I have encountered in my 30 1/2 years on this planet, this thing is huge.  I can think of grownups (well, at least one anyway) who might not  have the attention span to get through this whole thing in one sitting, no matter how many cute baby animals it might contain.  If you do decide to read a big thick board book like this, you might want to take a few precautions to make sure that you don’t end up falling asleep before your kids do.  Then again, there seem to be a lot of kids out there these days reading through big 700-page epics at an age when most of the kids were barely getting past the Dr. Seuss stuff when I was in school, so I guess you might as well start them early.


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