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January 17, 2009

More Pampering Than You Can Possibly Handle

Filed under: Random Stuff, shopping — Brian Lutz @ 12:56 am

One of the things you see in virtually every mall around here (and a lot of the major shopping centers as well) is one or more shops filled with all manner of exquisitely fragranced bath products and lotions that you can usually smell from a hundred yards away.  If you’re a guy, you will most likely avoid these places like the plague unless you have about five minutes to buy a present for some female of the species and haven’t got a clue what to get (although in that case, I suspect that just sleeping on the couch would probably easier.)  In particular, being a bachelor with few visitors to my apartment, I am far more likely to buy my shampoo and other personal grooming products by the half gallon for eight bucks a bottle from the warehouse club than I am to be buying three ounces of the stuff for twelve bucks in a scent that I can’t even pronounce.  Still, apparently there’s enough demand for this stuff that it seems like every mall has at least two or three of the places.  Over at Bellevue Square, there’s another Bath and Body Works store on the way (I could have sworn they had one already, but I must not have been paying attention,) as evidenced by the walls over their future location: 

For those of you who might be better acquainted with the various pampering options available for people more inclined toward luxury than my budget and/or masculinity will allow, I’m sure that the whole ultra-pampering thing sounds pretty nice (even if, being Bath and Body Works, it is pretty much a self-service affair.)  On the other hand, having been raised on low-budget sci-fi, Saturday morning cartoons and junkfood, I’m pretty sure that luxurious spa treatments weren’t the first thing to come to mind when I happened to read that.  Instead, whenever I see that term I keep picturing some sort of  Ultra-Pamperer 6000 contraption straight out of an old Jetsons cartoon that ultimately ends up with Mr. Spacely getting contorted in hilariously painful ways as he loudly fires George for the bazillionth time.  Of course, if you’re raising children, I suspect that “ultra-pampering” just might come with a completely different meaning…

Needless to say, I don’t see myself doing a whole lot of shopping at this place anytime soon.


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