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February 4, 2009

(Not) Coming Soon to…

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In the WordPress Dashboard for this Blog, there’s a little information bar that shows up when you first load the page, which usually points to some status item on the WordPress Blog, links to some statistics for that have absolutely nothing to do with my site aside from the fact that it might have contributed about 0.00005% of the total monthly hit count or something like that.  This evening as I was writing the previous post, I see that they have started to use it to tout their domain name service, and it helpfully provides some “suggestions” for domain names that might be appropriate (heh) for this Blog.  I also found that if I refreshed the Dashboard page it would generate another suggested domain name.  Here are just a few of the suggestions that this thing came up with for this site:

I guess I better hurry up and act now before the domain squatters grab all those and try to sell them for exorbitant prices, huh?  I might eventually move this site to a domain at some point, but if I was going to do that I would probably be moving off of and onto a self-hosted site in the process (if for no other reason than to be able to use some template that won’t squish all my images down to an unrecognizable blur or look like it was designed by a colorblind madman.)  And I sure as heck wouldn’t be putting it on or any other domain name that looks like something off a Google ad for weight loss supplements.  After all, I do still want people to read this stuff, right?

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