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February 16, 2009

Disney World Trip Report – Part 4: It’s the Future! (Sort of.)

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Note:  If you missed them, the previous installments of the Trip Report may be found here:

Part 1: Getting There is Half the Fun, Right? (Traveling to Orlando and fleeing from the snow and ice in Seattle)
Part 2: Now with Actual Disney in it! (The Hotel Room, and the beginning of day 1 in the Magic Kingdom)
Part 3: Just Another Day in Never Never Land (The rest of Day 1, in which dreams purportedly come true if you sing about them for long enough)

Also note that I am writing this trip report in installments on the DISBoards, and then compiling 2 or 3 parts of it at a time into the posts you see here, with added info to make this more suited for a more general audience than the audience of Disney junkies on that board.  If you don’t mind wading through a bunch of acronyms, you might be able to find new installments posted over there on the following thread before they’re on this Blog:

Fleeing From a Winter Wonderland – A First Timer’s Disney Christmas

When I last left off on my Disney World trip report, I had spent the first day of my trip in the Magic Kingdom, a wonderful magical place where parades come down the street every day, fireworks shoot through the air every night, and if you aren’t careful you could very well end up listening to the same blasted song over and over until your brain tries to crawl out of your head.  So what to do for an encore the next day?  Well, I can start by doing what I was supposed to do in the first place yesterday and go to Epcot.  Then in the afternoon and evening it would be time for Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party at the Magic Kingdom, a so-called “hard ticket” event in which the park closes at 7pm for the regular guests and admission is limited to those who purchase the separate tickets (although event ticket holders can get in after 3pm on their MVMCP tickets without the need to use a  regular ticket.  In addition to a (theoretically) smaller crowd in the park, there is also special entertainment, including a special Christmas parade and fireworks.  I’ll discuss this a bit more later on, but for the time being, find the next part of the trip report, complete with a bunch of images,  after the jump.


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