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February 26, 2009

Disney World Trip Report, Part 5: The Disney Version of Christmas

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Note:  If you missed them, the previous installments of the Trip Report may be found here:

Part 1: Getting There is Half the Fun, Right? (Traveling to Orlando and fleeing from the snow and ice in Seattle)
Part 2: Now with Actual Disney in it! (The Hotel Room, and the beginning of day 1 in the Magic Kingdom)
Part 3: Just Another Day in Never Never Land (The rest of Day 1, in which dreams purportedly come true if you sing about them for long enough)
Part 4: It’s the FUTURE! (Sort of.) (Day 2 begins in Epcot, with a trip halfway around the world in 180 minutes)

Yes, in spite of all appearances, I am in fact still working on this trip report.  At this rate, I’ll probably be finished with this somewhere around this time next year ot so (actually, that’s probably nottrue since this installment will put me roughly halfway through the trip, but when have I ever passed up an opportunity to take way too long to finish things?)   If for some reason you’ve actually been reading this stuff, you’ll recall that when I last left off, I had spent the first part of the day at Epcot first going through (most of the Future World rides, then spent several hours wandering about halfway around the World Showcase portion of that park.  As it was beginning to get later in the afternoon, it was now time to head back over to the Magic Kingdom for Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party (hereafter abbreviated as MVMCP so I don’t have to type that out half a zillion times or so.)  It is from that point that I will begin this installment of the trip report, found after the jump.


Recycled Newspaper: Redmond Gets a Free Golf Course, a Dangerous Curve, and a Shotgun Wedding

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Last week I began what I am hoping to turn into a regular feature on this Blog; a look at some of the stores I run across in my research through the newspaper archives available on microfilm at the Bellevue Library.  For this week, I originally intended to follow up last week’s look at the newspapers from 50 years ago with a look at the Journal-American  from 25 years ago, but quite frankly, it was boring.  In 1977, the Bellevue American and the East Side Journal (Bellevue and Kirkland’s respective weekly papers) merged to form the Journal-American, which was published daily and began covering world and national news, which seems to have relegated much of the local news to the back pages.  On this particular day in 1984 most of the headlines seemed to have been focused on the presidential primaries (Spoiler alert: Reagan won,) the beginning of Konstantin Chernenko‘s short term as the leader of the Soviet Union (his most notworthy accomplishment seems to have been a retaliatory boycott of the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics after the US boycotted the 1980 games in Moscow,) and stories about the Mariners’ Spring Training on the sports page.  Since there wasn’t really much of interest in the Journal-American, I decided to take a look in the library’s fragmented collection of Redmond’s Sammamish Valley News to see what I could find, and I ended up landing in the February 24th, 1966 edition. 

At this time, Redmond was a small but growing community,still based largely on farming, but with designs on bigger and better things.  Microsoft was still 20 years away (the company’s move to its Redmond campus happened in February of 1986) but a plan was in the works to turn what was then undeveloped land into a major regional shopping mall known as Maingate (this plan, which would have covered much of what is now downtown Redmond, obviously never came to fruition) and the town was definitely growing.  After the jump, a look at some of the stories from the February 24th, 1966 edition of the Sammamish Valley News.


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