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March 5, 2009

Recycled Newspaper: And Now, a Word From Our Sponsors

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Thus far in these Recycled Newspaper features, I have focused primarily on some of the articles that I have come across while searching through the various microfilmed newspapers for the local area.  From a purely historical perspective, the stories found in these newspapers can provide interesting little glimpses into the lives of Eastsiders back during the times in which they were written, but to be honest, I tend to find the advertisements in the papers to be far more interesting.  This is not just because of the information that can be gleaned from them about what was where, and when it was around, but also because many of the advertisements (especially those related to clothing and fashion)  in the newspapers back in the fifties, sixties and into the Seventies would frequently eschew photography altogether and make generous use of illustrations to depict the products being sold.  Aside from the fact that these ads just look a lot more interesting than photos would, they also translate to the medium of microfilm a lot better than the photos did, and are a lot easier to retreive from them in a visible form. 

After the jump, a look at a few of the ads I have run across recently.  Most of these are from the Bellevue American in February-April 1967, although I think one or two may be from other sources.  I haven’t been quite as dilligent about keeping track of dates on the ads as the articles, but in several of these cases ads may be repeated in subsequentt editions. 


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