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March 22, 2009

Recycled Newspaper: Fast Food in Bellevue

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Note: Coupon probably isn't valid anymore.

As I warned earleir in the week (back when I SHOULD have been doing this if I wasn’t procrastinating,) this week’s Recycled Newspaper is a bit thin, due to my current camera woes.  My camera is currently paying a visit to the Canon repair center to correct the dreaded E18 lens error that seems to be a common malady of those Canon models, and on Friday I was informed that it would cost $140 to get it fixed, which is just about more than it’s worth at this point.  I have a number of options at this point: I can just pay the $140 and get it fixed, I can pay the same $140 and upgrade to a refurbed Canon SD870, I can upgrade to a refurbed PowerShot S5  for $175 (This seems to be a nicer model with good zoom , but it’s definitely not pocketable like my SD850) or I can just buy a new Powershot SD890 for $199.  Either way, there doesn’t seem to be a cheap solution to this problem, but I’m probably going to have to bite the proverbial bullet and do something. 

That said, I did make a trip to the library on Wednesday to try to get some stuff, but my old Olympus camera doesn’t do nearly as good a job as the Canon did with this stuff, and the results are rather hit-or-miss.  Occasionally a shot turns out great, but most seem to end up barely readable, if at all, and the macro mode on the Olympus (which seems to be the secret to easily getting good images off the microfilm reader) is just short of useless.   As a result of this, I’ve got two options for what can do here:  I can bore you with minute details about the early history of  grocery stores in Kirkland (a subject that, in spite of best efforts, I’ll probably get around to eventually on here) or I can  do a bit of digging through the miscellaneous detritus in my newspaper files in order to find some stuff for this week’s post.  Since most of the random stuff sitting in my files seems to come from the Bellevue American, I thought this week I’d look at a few fast food restaurants from Bellevue’s past, and a couple which are still around.


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