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March 24, 2009

Defining Down Scorcho

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Some time ago, I made a post about a Del Taco restaurant which had at that point recently opened up down in Federal Way, bringing a new fast food option to the south end of the Sound (although it appears that they have yet to make it any further North than Federal Way, there are a number of locations in the Tacoma metro area.)  Although in my opinion the food at Del Taco seems to be a bit better than what’s on offer at the ubiquitous Taco Bells around here, I’ve only made it down there a couple of times now, mostly because 40 miles each way seems like a lot of driving just for some cheap fast food (not that I haven’t made long drivesfor fast food before, but that’s beside the point.)  I do find myself in the neighborhood every once in a while though, and if I get the chance I’ll stop in for a couple of tacos and burritos.   A few weeks ago, I visited the one down  in Federal Way, and noted a bit of an odd change to the once vaunted Del Scorcho sauce packets.  In the picture above is one of the sauce packets I picked up the last time I was there several months ago and squirreled away in the glovebox of my car next to a couple of Taco John’s sauce packets I picked up when I was in Montana a couple of years back (and yeah, that probably means I need to clean out the glovebox in my car.)  With a name like Del Scorcho, a description along the lines of “Beyond Hot” would seem appropriate, but in reality, there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of scorchoing going on here.  “El Lightly Singe-o” might be a better name.  Don’t get me wrong, Del Scorcho is still pretty good as far as fast food hot sauces go (admittedly, that isn’t exactly setting the bar all that high) but the name has always seemed just a bit out of place.  Apparently someone at Del Taco has recently figured this out.

So what was once “Beyond Hot” has now been defined down to “Medium”.  At the top of the proverbial sauce heap, Del Scorcho has been replaced by Del Inferno sauce, which they claimto be “almost three times hotter than any of the sauces offered by Del Taco’s nearest competitors” (although they don’t bother going into any details on that claim.)  I didn’t bother actually trying out the Del Inferno sauce, but the reviews I’ve seen seem to suggest that even Del Inferno isn’t all that blazingly hot, all things considered (I’d link to the thread I found on Yelp, but it consists of about three posts of useful information followed by another twenty posts of standard issue pottymouth Internet trollery.)  I suppose that this means I’ll have to actually try the stuff next time I’m down there (whenever that might be) in the interest of that journalistic integrity stuff I keep hearing about, but the general consensus from what I’m reading is that most people still prefer the Del Scorcho sauce.  Maybe if someone would hurry up and open up a Del Taco somewhere closer than 40 miles away I could figure this out.

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