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April 4, 2009

Pardon me sir, is this the offramp?

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Just a quick post from the back of my brother’s car in the construction backup on 520, where people on the 148th onramp seem to be a bit short on patience today. Not that I would exactly recommended taking 520 if you can manage to avoid it, but it’s definitely not worth heading the wrong way up the onramp to avoid. I bet that would be a fun ticket to try to explain though…

Update (a little bit later on, on something that isn’t the the dinky little keyboard on my phone:) I should note that it wasn’t just the guy in the picture above trying to turn around on the onramp.  In fact, we saw at least 4 or 5 different cars trying to  pull this whole “wrong way up the onramp” routine, and that was just in the relatively short time while we were passing by here.  Given the fact that even with the construction reducing 520 to one westbound lane we couldn’t have spent more than about 20 minutes waiting to get through it.  Let’s consider the options here:  Have a bit of patience and wait through the backup, or drive into oncoming traffic and risk a head-on collision and a potential reckless driving citation to maybe save a few minutes.  I can see turning around if you’re on a two lane road somewhere with no oncoming traffic, but I can’t think of any situation where it wouldn’t be completely boneheaded to pull something like this on a freeway onramp.  Eventually as we came back by here in the other direction, we saw that the construction company had just closed off the onramp completely.  Probably not a bad idea, given the circumstances…

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