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April 9, 2009

Out of Context Ad Solution: You’ve Gotta’ Hand it To Them…

Filed under: Advertising, Recycled Newspaper — Brian Lutz @ 10:19 am

As you might recall, last week’s out-of-context ad featured the Not-So-Invisible Hand of Progress doing something that is presumably rather sciencey and innovative, as evidenced by the slightly sinister looking guy below whose bidding it seems to be doing (or is it the other way around?)  The question is this: Exactly what miracle of modern technology is being worked on here?  The answer, as usual, is found after the jump for those of you who would like to make a quick guess before looking.

It turns out they’re refining oil, using a so-called “pint size” refinery as a prototype before implementing the process in large scale in this advertisement from a 1955 East Side Journal (not sure on the exact date though.)  This was, of course, back in the day when oil companies could actually get away with talking about oil in their ads.  As you can see, this as was placed by the Standard Oil Company of California, forerunner to the modern-day Chevron Corporation, which was discussed earlier in this post about one of the few remaining Chevron stations operating under the Standard name in order to retain a claim to the trademark. 

On a semi-related note, I apologize for the lack of a Recycled Newspaper feature this previous week (and this upcoming week, for that matter.)  To be honest, I am still trying to work out exactly how I am going to handle these in the long run, since they tend to be rather labor-intensive posts to put together, and require frequent trips to the library to collect material.  Also shortly after finishing this post up, I will be taking off to head down to Utah for the weekend to visit my new nephew (Heather and Brooks’son, born late last month) for the first time.  As I mentioned last time I was down in Provo, it’s an interesting place from an urban archeology perspective, and I should be putting together a post or two from there, and possibly a post or two from the road as well.


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