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April 19, 2009

Off the Road, and Into the Doghouse

Filed under: Dogs, Wanderings — Brian Lutz @ 8:40 pm

Just in case you were wondering, I made it home just fine on Thursday.  The rest of the drive up from Boise to Redmond was relatively uneventful, especially in comparison to the late snowstorm I drove through on the way out of the Salt Lake Valley.  I didn’t bother doing a lot of stopping on the way through Oregon and Washington, since I was already going to be getting back into town a couple of days later than I had originally planned on, and because that meant I would be taking on dogsitting duties for Imola and Minardi as soon as I arrived.  In fact, I ended up passing my parents on the road somewhere around Ellensburg as they headed off in the opposite direction.  At this rate, I’m not entirely sure exactly when the next time I’ll be sleeping in my own bed is, but at least home is within reach of here.

Although I managed to make it home in one piece, it seems that somewhere along the way, my car ended up short a piece or two.  I think this might have happened on the way down when I think I might have hit a tire fragment on the highway (Edit:  One of my photos taken down in Provo shows the piece was still there as I was on the way back up, so it would happened somewhere between there and here,) but I didn’t notice it until I actually got home.  Fortunately this particular piece is readily available (and relatively cheap) so fixing this shouldn’t be an issue.  Some sort of cover behind this seems to have gotten cracked somewhere along the line as well, but I don’t think that’s going to be a problem, at least for the time being.  I suppose I should also probably see about getting rid of those bugs as well.

Fortunately, the whole dogsitting bit has become relatively routine by now, and the dogs have become a bit calmer and more mature over the last year ot so, which makes them somewhat easier to deal with.  As seems to be the case with Beagles in general, they can still be a bit thick-headed and single-minded when they want to be (which mostly manifests itself in a tendency to dig  at the dog park) but for the most part they’re a lot less rambunctious than they used to be.  I might sneak  a dog post or two in sometime over the next week (I’ve actually been meaning to put together another dog park post) but the usual Blogging, plus a couple of leftovers from the trip, should be coming this week.


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