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May 2, 2009

Recycled Newspaper: Redmond Crime in 1968

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This week’s Recycled Newspaper draws from several May 1968 issues of the Sammamish Valley News, which is one of the relatively few years of the SVNcurrently available on microfilm.  As I skimmed through these issues, I foundthat there seemed to be plenty going on in Redmond to keep the police busy at this particular time, and for this week’s feature I will be drawing from a few of those stores.  I can’t tell if these stories represent anything more than the usual background  dose of criminal activity andbad driving, but a fair bit of what was going on at this time seemed to be noteworthy enough to write up in the local paper, often in a fair bit of detail.  In addition to what has been included here, the paper also included stories on several  instances of traffic fatalities in Redmond around this particular time, but I have chosen not to include those articles here.  There were also a number of other articles and ads of note within the SVN issues in question, and I will most likely be using some of those items for next week’s Recycled Newspaper.   For the time being, hit the jump for a look at some of the assorted miscreantismgoing on here in Redmond back in 1968.


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