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May 3, 2009

Well, Whaddya’ Want For a Buck?

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I have to admit that right now, my apartment is a bit of a mess.  Without going into too many details (after all, my Mom is probably reading this) it’s been quite a while since I’ve really gone in and done a thorough cleaning of my apartment, and it shows.  Slowly, I’ve been trying to get things back into shape one room at a time, but so far, the whole process seems to be at the stage where it seems like you’ve been working on stuff for a while, but there doesn’t seem to be any visible progress.   Still, in an effort to avoid being too much of a slob, I continue on with my ill-fated spring cleaning attempt.

In the process of doing this, I have been trying to go in and clean up some parts of the bathroom that don’t usually get covered by the regular cleanings.  One of these areas is the shower curtain liner, which really starts to get nasty after a while, and at this point had reached the point of not really being worth cleaning, so I just tossed it.  Fortunately I had an extra one around to replace it with, but while I was removing the old one, I noted that the top of the curtain rod was particularly messy, as were the curtain rings.  For some inexplicable reason, the top of the shower curtain rod seems to accumulate some sort of ominous looking black crud on a regular basis, and a bunch of it had rubbed off on the curtain rings as well.  I have no idea where the stuff would even come from, since nothing but steam and the occasional wandering spider would ever have any reason to go up there.  Regardless of how the stuff gets up there, it was a mess up there, and as long as I was cleaning up there, I might as well take down the rings and clean them up some too, right?

Thus I found myself removing the curtain rings and washing them in the sink, where the water rapidly turned black from all the stuff that had accumulated on the rings.  It seemed to be bad enough that it actually took some scrubbing to get all of the crud off of the things, after which the water was drained and another sinkful of water was drawn to rinse them off with.  It quickly became obvious that even the scrubbing hadn’t really cleaned them off all that well, and another round of scrubbing left the second batch of water somewhat less black than the first, but enough so to be at least mildly disconcerting.  Eventually I reached the point where the rings seemed to be clean, and left them to dry for a bit (not that there was really any need to do so.)  Of course, when it came time to put them back up after their far-too-laborious cleaning…

Sure enough, one of the things breaks, thus rendering the whole process an exercise in futility.  Of course, given the fact that I paid all of 99 centsfor these things at Ikea back when I first moved into my apartment several years ago, I probably don’t have much room to complain when one of the things breaks.  I suppose there’s supposed to be a valuable lesson hidden in this somewhere, but since I’m probably destined to stubbornly repeat my mistake at some point in time, I’m not going to bother looking too hard to find it.  Oh well, guess I didn’t really need a shower tonight all that much anyway…

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  1. You can easily clean a metal shower curtain rod with a piece of wax paper. It helps remove that mysterious black stuff and helps the shower curtain rings glide along easier.

    Comment by Amy — May 3, 2009 @ 9:06 pm

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