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May 13, 2009

Disney World Trip Report, Part 6: Park Hopping for Dummies

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Note:  If you missed them, the previous installments of the Trip Report may be found here:

Part 1: Getting There is Half the Fun, Right? (Traveling to Orlando and fleeing from the snow and ice in Seattle)
Part 2: Now with Actual Disney in it! (The Hotel Room, and the beginning of day 1 in the Magic Kingdom)
Part 3: Just Another Day in Never Never Land (The rest of Day 1, in which dreams purportedly come true if you sing about them for long enough)
Part 4: It’s the FUTURE! (Sort of.) (Day 2 begins in Epcot, with a trip halfway around the world in 180 minutes)
Part 5: The Disney Version of Christmas (Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas party, and other Merry Things you have to wait in line for)

First of all I apologize for the lack of updates on my Blog in general for the last few days, and on my Disney World trip report for the last, oh, couple of months or so.  I’ve been dealing with a combination of various real life issues related to my employment situation (I should be returning to work a couple of weeks from now) and the usual writer’s block.  Of course on the trip report I’ve just been lazy, but that’s another story.  My goal with this thing is to get it finished before I take another trip to Disney World, and although at this point I haven’t got a clue when that would actually be (Once I return to work I’m not expecting to have any significant amount of vacation time available for a while) at the rate that I’m writing this thing it’s looking like it’ll be a toss-up which will happen first.

Anyway, when I left off on this trip report, I had just finished the second day in the parks,, which had been split between Epcot and the Magic Kingdom.  Tentatively I planned to spend the day hopping around the parks, but the only thing that I had on the agenda as a “must do” item for the day was the Spectromagic parade at the Magic Kingdom in the evening, since I had missed it on Monday, and this was the only other time on this trip that I would have a chance to watch it.   After spending basically all day in the parks yesterday without taking any significant breaks, I ultimately decided that I was going to try to take it a bit easier today, and not to rush everywhere (yeah, like that would ever happen.)  It is from there that the trip report will pick up after the jump.


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