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June 1, 2009

I Can See My House From Here…

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Well OK, I can’t actually see my house, but the departure angle on the flight went straight over the heart of downtown Bellevue, providing some really cool views and instantly making me regret not bringing my camera with me on this trip.  Sure, I’d probably send the plane plummeting in a fireball, but at least I’d get a couple of cool pictures on the way down, right?  But I’m getting just a bit ahead of myself here.  As I’m writing this, i am currently on my way down to Salt Lake City for a very brief trip (in fact, I’m returning later this evening,) and the Delta flight I’m on happens to be equipped with in-flight WiFi.  I’m not sure exactly how it works out that you’re not supposed to use anything that might possibly cause an electron to flow somewhere  while you’re taking off and landing, but once you hit the magic altitude of 10,000 feet it’s pefectly fine to bounce wireless signals all over the plane (provided that they’re the RIGHT type of wireless signals, phones are still out of course.)  I’m guessing the potential to charge $10 a pop for the stuff probably provided adequate incentive for someone to figure this stuff out.  I guess as long as there are bored travelers out there enthralled by the sheer novelty of being able to Blog at 30,000 feet they’ll find a market for the stuff.  Besides, it’s either this or the SkyMall catalog, and although I could probably get plenty of material out of one of those things, it would have to be a much longer flight before I’d be that bored.

And no, in spite of the title, I can’t actually see my house from here (I was on the wrong side of the plane for that, and by the time I’m writing this I’m probably halfway to Pendleton anyway) but I’ve always wanted to say that…

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