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June 25, 2009

Out-of-Context Ad: Shop ‘Til You… Oh, Never Mind.

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This week’s Out-of-Context Ad also comes from 1976, where it looks like someone had just a bit too much excitement for one day (I’m kind of surprise the purse isn’t smoldering after an epic shopping spree like that.)  It’s pretty clear what’s going on, but what isn’t quite so clear is exactly what’s being advertised here.  Feel free to speculate in the comments.  The solution, as usual (if I’m not being too lazy anyway) will be posted next week.

And since I actually remembered to keep the solution for last week’s out-of-context ad, you will find it after the jump.


Guess It Depends on How You Define “Intelligent”…

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With my return to work, I haven’t had much opportunity lately to get out to the library to do research, but I did manage to make a trip over there this evening.  While I was there, I collected some material for a Recycled Newspaper post which should be coming sometime within the next week or so.  In observance of the upcoming Fourth of July holiday, this post will be taking a look at how the Bicentennial was celebrated on the Eastside on July 4th, 1976.  While looking through some of the various East Side Journals from late June and early July of 1976, I came across this cartoon in the July 8th edition.  For a bit of context, this was published a few weeks after the Viking 1 probe had landed on Mars on June 19thof that year, the first American space probe to successfully do so.  From there, Viking 1 operated on the surface of Mars for six years until contact was lost in November of 1982.  The rest I would assume most of you should be familiar with.

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