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June 30, 2009

Just a Bit Too Unique For Their Own Good

Filed under: Advertising, Bellevue, Food, Out-of-Context Ads — Brian Lutz @ 10:10 pm

While I work on this week’s Recycled Newspaper post (which, since it’s 4th of July related, better be finished this week or it’s going to be just a tad pointless) I thought I’d go ahead and include this little appetizer from one of the 1976 East Side Journal issues I’m working from.  In this ad snippet, we are promised a “unique” restaurant  on Bel-Red Road (the address would have put it next door to the Coca Cola bottling plant.)  Based on the description, there doesn’t seem to be anything all that odd here.  Tthe various menu items enumerated in the ad make this place sound like a pretty typical pub, presumably one of many in the area.  And yet, just by looking at the place’s name (included after the jump,) one begins to get the sneaking suspicion that they might not have exactly been on the road to success.


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