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July 7, 2009

It’s Like Christmas, But More Flammable

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For years now, the Fourth of July around here has been a pretty humdrum affair.  Aside from the scattered public fireworks displays (and the horrendous crowds associated with them) and the various ad hoc displays that pop up in spite of the longstanding fireworks bans in place on the Eastside, there hasn’t been a whole lot to see or do from here.  Then last year’s Fourth of July came around, which was spent at an uncharacteristically small gathering down at my Aunt Pam and Uncle Mike’s house in Bonney Lake.  With fireworks permitted in Bonney Lake and relatively close proximity to various Indian reservations where all the big stuff was readily available, the cumulative results of all the various displays in the area were nothing short of breathtaking.

For this year’s Fourth of July, the word had gotten out, and practically the whole family was participating.  All who were so inclined were encouraged to bring along fireworks, and given some of the Vanderhoeven family’s latent tendencies toward casual pyromania (fortunately not the anti-social type, just the part that likes to set things on fire for fun) this year’s show promised to be huge.  Of course, since there’s nothing more powerful than so-called “fun” snaps and party poppers available around here, it was time to go pay a visit to the Reservations to go take a look into the highly combustible world of Indian fireworks.  After the jump we’ll check out the stuff (well, some of it anyway) that you can get on the Reservations.


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