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August 6, 2009

Should I Be Concerned?

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The last time I checked, the Laws of Physics seemed to be a pretty much immutable thing.  Sure, you might get some random scientist here or there meddling with things they don’t understand and creating some anomaly that last about sixteen femtoseconds, give or take a few attoseconds (which is also about how long it takes a peer-reviewed scientific journal to dismiss the results of the experiment as miscellaneous crackpottery) but for the most part, all the various things that we might deal with on a regular basis tend to hold pretty steadfastly to the Laws of Physics as we know them.  Thus it has never really occurred to me to figure out what I would do if I were to encounter a situation where this wasn’t the case.  For example:

What the heck am I supposed to do about this?  This particular roll of toilet paper (presumably a common item found in nuclear physics labs, albeit for a completely different reason than what’s shown here) has stubbornly decided to remain where it was placed prior to the removal of the roll underneath it. 

Although some would dispute my findings, it is my opinion that this particular roll is clearly in violation of the Law of Gravity.  So far, it’s been up there for at least two days now as of the time I’m writing this, and seems to show little inclination toward coming down from its current position.  I’m not sure what exactly the penalties are for violating the laws of physics, but I’m guessing I really don’t want to find out.  Would I have to bring a lawyer or a mathematician with me to the trial?  What would be the consequences if the case made it all the way through the system to the point that the Supreme Court was to declare the Law of Gravity unconstitutional?  Is there anything in my lease that would prevent me from turning my apartment into a roadside tourist trap?  I suppose I could just pull the thing down and be done with it (I’m not sure what the Statute of Limitations on that type of thing would be though,) but I’m actually kind of curious to see just how long the thing would stay up there for.  Maybe if I ever start to really run out of ideas for Blog posts I’ll post updates on the thing.

Doing My Spring Cleaning in the Middle of Summer

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Yeah, I’m STILL slacking off on the whole Blog posting thing these days.  After all, it’s summer, and even though within the course of the week we’ve gone from excruciatingly high temperatures to unseasonably low ones (with a fair dose of rain in the forecast for next week) I’ve still had a fair bit going on over the last week or so, most of which is a bit too mundane to write much about here. 

I’m still (in theory anyway) in the process of trying to get my apartment back in shape and cleaned up to a reasonably presentable form on the off chance that anyone ever decides to visit the place.  Without too much effort, I can manage to at least make the living room area presentable, but it’s the rest of the place (especially the den) that’s the tricky part.  Every so often I make an attempt to at least run papers through the shredder to get rid of some of the miscellaneous accumulations, but eventually it all manages to find its way back onto the desk.  I’ve ultimately been forced to concede the fact that my desk, huge as it is, is probably too cluttered to ever really effectively use it as a workspace for much more than the computer.

In order to solve this problem in a somewhat less-than-optimal way (and to fill in some space vacated by the recent removal of an old armchair) I have added another desk (or table, as the case may be) to the back of the room.  I mentioned this in a previous post, but I have since completed this setup.  At the present time, I am using this as a workbench I can use for my RC car, and the inevitable breakage and/or upgrades that will result from the ongoing use thereof.  Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your perspective) the last couple of outings have failed to produce any significant breakage to fix, so I haven’t had a chance to do to much here yet.  It’s kind of ironic actually.  When I was doing my research before buying a Revo, the general consensus on it in comparison to the HPI Savage X (the one my Dad has) is that the Revo is faster but not quite as durable, while the Savage X is much more durable but not as fast.  A month (and change) later, the only repairs that I’ve needed on the Revo are a couple of fixes to the front right suspension (an A-arm, two pushrods and a CV shaft) after ramming it into things at high speed (and a change of the front shock oil to stiffen it up a bit) while my Dad’s Savage has already been through a steering servo, two broken fuel tanks, stripped-out differential gears and a blown-out shock.  When it’s running though, I’d say his is probably actually a bit faster than mine though (thanks to the 4.6cc engine compared to the 3.3 in mine.)  Maybe I need to go jump the thing over some houses or something to catch up in the breakage department.  But I digress.

Even though I’ve got my fancy new workbench-like thingy over on the other side of the den, I’ve noticed that it hasn’t yet managed to magically get rid of all the clutter i9n here.  Apparently I’m supposed to do that part myself.  In addition to the workbench, I have also added a small chest of drawers to the room (which sounds like a really overwrought term to use for something I picked up for $40 at Ikea) to try and at least get some of the clutter out of sight, so I have plenty of room available in which to store the next batch of clutter.  It’s a vicious cycle.

Of course, if I ever manage to get that part figured out, the next big challenge is my bedroom.  I don’t  ever have anyone except myself  (and maybe the apartment maintenance guy a time or two) in there, so that place has really gone downhill these days.  I actually think that one wouldn’t be too bad to get back into shape, but I’m just really bad about folding laundry these days, so the stuff has a tendency to stick around for far, far longer than it really should.  It’s just way too easy to blow the whole thing off when nobody else ever has to look at it (I can just close the door in there if I have company coming over.)  I really need to just go in and clean everything up one of these days though; if nothing else, after being here for four years the carpets could use a good cleaning, and just running a Rug Doctor around the pile of stuff on the floor apparently isn’t the proper solution to that particular problem.

Maybe if I had a wife to bug me when things got too messy this all wouldn’t be a problem anymore.  Any volunteers?

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