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September 25, 2009

Didn’t Mom Say Not to Do This?

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In addition to the chance to go see some auto racing, last weekend also provided a chance to spend a few days with my Dad and my brothers, including my younger brother Jason who lives down in Provo, and who I don’t really get to see too often these days.  As you might know if you’ve seen some of the posts I’ve made here in the past couple of months, he’s the one who got the whole RC car thing started, and since is the first time we’ve all been in the same place at once since we all got started on this, it was inevitable that RC cars would figure into the weekend’s activities.  Although a perusal of the relevant TSA regulations suggested that if we were so inclined we could probably manage to bring our cars in checked baggage, ultimately we all decided it was going to be too much of a hassle.  This didn’t stop us from spending some time wandering around to some of the various RC stores in the area though, and since my other brother (Jared) had been giving some consideration to picking up another one already, we soon found ourselves leaving one of the shops with a new 1/16th scale E-Revo VXL

Basically, this one is a smaller electric version of the nitro-powered Revo 3.3 that I have, and with the right batteries this thing can apparently push 60 miles per hour, and do other tricks like do a backflip from a dead stop.  As seems to be the case with most RC stuff, we managed to find a way to break it within the first ten minutes (broke one of the rear suspension arms reversing into a pallet at speed while messing with it behind a vacant warehouse near the hotel) but since it was still for the most part usable with a wire and electrical tape repair, we continued messing with it later on.

Aside from a general lack of noxious nitro fumes, this one also has a “training mode” that will limit the power output to a much more manageable speed than the normal settins would allow, which actually makes this one reasonable for indoor use.  When we got back to the hotel after a dinner at Pat’s BBQ in Salt Lake (it’s definitely a dive, but the food was quite good and reasonably priced,) we ended up setting up a little trials course out of whatever objects happened to be available in the hotel room, and took turns driving the E-Revo around it.  Here we see a number of the pillows and blankets arranged into a ramp up to the couch, which comes around to a couple of end tables and the ironing board.  This lead over to one of the two beds, which were bridged by my brother’s longboard, then finally over to a number of other pillows arranged as a ramp down to the floor and back to the start/finish line.

I’m not quite sure how the maid was going to figure this one out (it’s not actually one of the hotel’s blankets though, so it wasn’t going to be an issue for them.  As long as there isn’t any dirt on the tires they won’t leave any permanent marks  mark though.  It’s certainly not as easy as it looks to get around this though.  I suspect if we had tried it at home we might have found ourselves grounded for life (or a not insignificant portion thereof,)  That’s not to say we wouldn’t have done it though…  I figure the fact that my Dad was participating, I’m probably safe (for now…)  Just don’t tell the people at the hotel, OK?

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  1. That looks like fun!

    Comment by Windy Dawn — September 25, 2009 @ 8:05 pm

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