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October 17, 2009

Oh No, Not Turkey Already!

Filed under: Holidays — Brian Lutz @ 11:41 pm

As hard as it is to believe, Thanksgiving is going to be coming up sooner than you might think.  Sure, we’ve still got the rest of October (and Halloween) and most of November to get through before it arrives, but all things considered, it’s just around the corner (or over the river and through the woods, if you prefer that particular version.)  Even so, this might just be pushing it a bit:

Unless there’s gloomy forecasts I’ve not heard about of massive turkey shortages that are going to force most of America to eat Tofurky on Thanksgiving (scary thought) I can’t think of a whole lot of reasons that you’d need to be too worried about getting your Thanksgiving turkeys this early.  If the last, well..  eon or so worth of Thanksgivings is any indication, they’ll most likely be running this same 50% off sale for several weeks leading up to Thanksgiving anyway, and unless you weren’t planning on using half your freezer for the next month and a half, what’s the rush?  On the other hand, nobody’s really bothered to commercialize the living daylights out of Thanksgiving just yet, so we might give them a bit of leeway on this.  Unfortunately, I suspect that the reason for this is because everyone is too busy getting ready to shovel two months worth of wall-to-wall Christmas down our throats the second that the Halloween stuff leaves the shelf.

Somehow I suspect that in this case, that the only thing the early bird is going to be catching is a cold.

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