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December 5, 2009

This Christmas, Give the Gift of Filtration

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Not sure what to give your sweetheart for Christmas this year?  Look no further than the gift-giving experts at the local Volkswagen dealer for all your Holiday needs.  If you watch TV around this time of the year, by now you’ve probably seen about half a zillion of those thoroughly clichéd “give someone a new car for Christmas”  commercials (complete with the luxury car in the driveway with the big red bow on it) that have been done to death by now.  Oddly enough, this e-mail, which I received in my inbox yesterday, isn’t one of those.  Instead, their gift suggestions seem to be a bit more, shall we say, unconventional.

I guess we can skip the costly auto loans and the ridiculous giant red bows this Christmas, because apparently all your sweetie wants this year is oil filters and floormats.  In fact, that’s such a wonderful, brilliant, guaranteed not to leave me sleeping on the couch for a week idea that I’m going to call them up at $shop.phoneService and order right this very minute…  Or at least I would if I could ever figure out how to dial that dollar sign thingy on my phone.  On the other hand, if for some reason you managed to put off your Christmas shopping until AFTER the last minute (I wouldn’t recommend it, by the time you find yourself wandering the aisles of the Rite Aid at 9am on Christmas morning you can safely assume that you’re pretty much doomed) these people just might be able to bail you out.  Just order by December 31st, and they’ll deliver by Christmas (although we can safely assume that there’s got to be some sort of charge involved here if you’re going to get the thing delivered by last Thursday.)  Whatever your shopping end up being, just remember that clean oil is an investment that will last you a lifetime (or 5,000 miles, whichever comes first.)

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