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December 18, 2009

Looking for a Pizza? Name Your Price.

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As anyone who has ever been mixed up with the VanderHoeven family (or the Aquabats) is well aware, Friday is pizza day, the best day of the week.  In fact,at least once a year,  Pizza Day practically becomes a holiday in this family, although it’s actually pretty rare for it to be that formal (or that dutifully observed, for that matter.)  In fact, I’d say I really don’t eat pizza quite that often, and when I do, usually I’ll stick to either the stuff from the store (also known as “The Stuff the Rats Run Around In” within our family, but there’s a long story behind that one) or from a Take ‘n Bake place.  It is only rarely that I find myself truly unmotivated enough to actually order pizza delivery, mostly because it’s so expensive, and because I can usually at least manage to drag myself out of the house long enough  to go find something edible.  Tonight ended up being one of those rare occasions, thanks to another all-too-frequent instance of working late and bit of wandering around after work got me home fairly late this evening, so I decided to opt to just get something delivered from the local Pizza Hut (yes, they did reopen in a different location a few months after their old place in Redmond Center got torn down, but this one’s a takeout/delivery only location.)  Since only an idiot would order directly off the menu from one of these places (don’t ask) the first thing you do when you go to the online ordering site is go look for the specials.  And Pizza Hut, it seems, has plenty of them:


Let’s see…  There’s a large 1 topping pizza for $10.99, a medium 3-topping pizza for $10.99, and a large 3-topping pizza for, you guessed it, $10.99.  But what if you need more than one pizza?  Well, they’ve got you covered there too:

Thanks to the MAJOR SAVINGS! being offered here, you can get 2 large 3-topping pizzas for $23.99, or 2 large 3-topping pizzas for $24.99.  Who knew that ordering pizza delivery involved such difficult choices?  And that’s not all of them either.  You might notice the coupon for a 3-topping pizza above also includes an option to add a second large pizza for $8 more, which would get you two large pizzas for $18.99.  And although it’s not shown, there was yet another coupon on the site offering a package deal of 2 medium pizzas, an order of breadsticks and a 2-liter Pepsi for $14.99, with the option to upgrade to large for $4 more, bringing the total price to $18.99 (although that coupon is good for takeout orders only, which would defeat the whole point of being lazy and ordering pizza delivery in the first place.)  If you’re ordering pizza delivery in the first place, it’s because you’re trading price for convenience, but with all these choices, how is someone supposed to figure it all out?

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