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January 26, 2010

Since I’ve Been Having Trouble Making My Life Seem Interesting Lately…

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… I thought I’d take a shot at making someone else’s life seem interesting instead.  As part of a service auction being run by my former Singles ward back around Christmas, I volunteered to write a Blog post for someone for a donation to the cause at hand.  This, of course, came with the standard warning that the events depicted in the resulting post may, in fact, be somewhat exaggerated and/or completely fictitious.  More of the latter than the former actually.  Anyway, you can find the results at this page.  Just be sure not to miss the valuable lesson out of al this, otherwise the whole thing becomes just a tad pointless.

As for myself, it seems that my life has indeed gotten a fair bit more interesting over the past couple of weeks.  although that one will have to wait a bit in order to make sure I’m not running afoul of any non-disclosure agreements.  I’ve been finding out a bit of the history behind the building that I’m working in currently, and it turns out to be rather interesting, with strong ties into the Alaska Gold Rush of the 1890s.  I’m also planning to put together an article on that as well, but I need to do a bit more research.  Taking the bus to work each day means that I actually pass by the Seattle Central Library a couple of times a day, but I never seem to have any time to actually go over and pay the place a visit.  Maybe once things settle down a bit I’ll get over there and find out what they’ve got, but for now there’s plenty on the Internet.

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