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May 21, 2010

Sky-high and Sleep Deprived

Filed under: Random Stuff — Brian Lutz @ 7:27 am

I’m starting to think that the whole business model for in-flight wifi is based entirely on getting people to write “Look ma, I’m using the Internet on a plane!” Facebook updates and Blog posts. Unfortunately there isn’t any wifi on this flight, so i am writing this offline on my iPad as I fly down to Orange County for my latest jaunt into the aforementioned kingdom of unattainable princesses and grim grinning ghosts. For reasons that still elude me at this time, i somehow managed to book myself onto a 6:30am flight, which when combined with parks open until Midnight on all three days of my trip, should ensure that I’ll probably be a wreck by the time i get home. I have already warned my co-workers that I may be staggering into the office on Monday looking half-dead, zonked out, sugar-buzzed like crazy and carrying a new pirate curse or two.

I am actually using this trip as a bit of an experiment to determine the viability of ditching the notebook at home and traveling with just my iPad. The main issue I have with this at this point is that I can’t tether it to my phone the way I can my notebook, so i am pretty much dependent on hotel wifi for an internet connection, i have heard some reports that it’s a bit spotty at the place I’m staying at, so I will have to see. Then again, if i can’t get on the net, I’m on vacation anyway, so who cares? It would have been nice to find a camera connector kit (see previous rant below) but i suppose I can probably live without that. I’ll just have to wait until i get home to see the photos,

In the meantime, I will most likely be updating my Twitter feed throughout the weekend (over on the right side of the page) and posting some stuff when I get back home, I seriously doubt I’ll be doing a full blow-by-blow trip report this time around, but I’ll be on the lookout for interesting stuff to write about. In the meantime, here are a couple of random thoughts:

  • HTML tags are a serious pain to try to insert into a post on the iPad soft keyboard, I’m not really sure why i am using them here in the first place.
  • Cut and paste isn’t really any better.
  • I am legally obligated to note the following: Pixie dust is a substance which has been found by the state of California to cause cancer in lab rats.
  • Magical talking rats, on the other hand, seem to be safe.
  • i may have said this before somewhere along the line, but one of the advantages of planning travel on the Internet is that you can find a community of slightly obsessed fans of just about any destination you can think of, which provides am excellent source of info and valuable tips. For Disney, I have been using disboards,com as my main planning resource, and found it to be quite helpful and friendly. On the other hand this does also come with the risk of stumbling into a highly obsessed community of fanatics, which will probably end disastrously for all involved, so be careful…
  • We already know how Peter Pan would fare in a fight against Captain Hook, but my question is this: Who would win in a fight between Peter Pan and Jack Sparrow? Someone needs to make that one (and i get the sneaking suspicion that somewhere along the line they probably will.)
  • I suppose i should actually try to ride the Tower of Terror this time.
  • If Disneyland is supposed to be the happiest place on Earth, why do you see so many temper tantrums there? Not that I have firsthand experience with that or anything…

Anyway, by the time this gets posted I should be in the parks, so have.a magical day (or whatever day it is that you plan to have.)


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  1. That’s an impressively long post from an iPad.

    Comment by Stephen B — May 22, 2010 @ 2:03 pm

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