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August 11, 2010

Random Thoughts: The Maybe Button

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For better or for worse, these days Facebook seems to have become a rather integral part of my social life.  It was one of those things that I tried to avoid for as long as I could, but eventually it just got to the point where practically everyone I know was using it, and eventually I had to join as pretty much the only way to keep up with everyone.  Strewn among the various status updates, photos and notifications from whatever the latest life-sucking Facebook game happens to be (needless to say, these typically get the “hide” button  rather quickly) there are a few event invitations thrown in here and there.  On occasion, there might even be an event that I actually want to attend.  I’m sure for most people it’s not a problem to just go in and say yes or no to some activity, but as you might have noticed by now, it seems I’m not exactly big on commitment (see also: the part where I’m 32 years old and still pretty much just as single as ever.)   Sure that event might look like fun, but who knows what forces of nature will conspire to prevent me from going?  I mean, most people don’t even give a passing thought to the  possibility that a herd of zebras might escape from the zoo and snarl up traffic when  they’re planning these things, thus making travel to and from the event impossible.  This may be due to the fact that the nearest zoo containing any quantity of zebras at all is on the opposite side of the lake, but you can never be too careful, right?  After all, those Zebras mean BUSINESS.

Fortunately for the chronically indecisive among us, Facebook provides a convenient cop-out:  The Maybe button.  Do you want to go to some event, but get the sneaking suspicion you might need to wash your hair that evening?  Just hit the Maybe button.  Worried that your pet goldfish might get lonely?  Maybe button.  Haven’t got a thing to wear (not even one of those barrels that people with nothing to wear seem to magically come up with in spite of the fact that barrels these days probably cost more than actual clothes?)  Just hit the maybe button, and hope nobody calls the cops when you show up naked.  If nothing else you might at least be able to get a free orange jumpsuit out of the deal, right?   You might also get ostracized by your friends and quite possibly even a restraining order or two out of the deal, but that’s just an occupational hazard really.  If making additions to your rap sheet isn’t on your agenda for the evening you can just skip out and nobody will be any wiser (or any more traumatized) for it.   There’s just one problem with all this:  t’s just too convenient.  I’m pretty sure that by now I’ve probably hit the Maybe Button on something like the last 30 events that I’ve attended.  Even the ones that I had every intention of attending.  I’m guessing someone’s probably even managed to turn the whole thing into one of those running jokes that I remain oblivious to by now.

Does this mean I should try to quit doing this type of thing and start providing actual yes or no answers on this stuff?  Well…  Let me get back to you on that one.

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