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September 14, 2010

Photo Dump: Back 2 Shcool Edition

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Repeating the third grade?

The last few weekends have been surprisingly busy, as I’ve gone about trying to make sure all of the various Summer stuff gets accomplished while Summer is still around. I’m sure I’ve already bored my readers (all six of them) with all the gory details of most of the various events, but it’s been a while since I’ve gone through the various photos that have accumulated on my phone and put together a photo dump post. As usual, this is comprised of various things that I have run across in my various wanderings that seem interesting (or something resembling interesting) but not quite enough so to warrant their own posts. You’ll find these after the jump.

Wait a minute… If these are supposed to be no-show socks, what’s with all the bright colors? Isn’t the idea behind wearing no-show socks supposed to be that nobody actually sees them?

Call me crazy, but for some strange reason I find myself somewhat less than confident in the wrinkle-reducing power of the facials at this particular day spa. Not that I’ve made a habit of hanging out at day spas or anything like that… Come on, you don’t just turn into a freakin’ yuppie overnight, you have to learn these things one at a time. Right now I’m still busy trying to convince myself that eating sushi is a good idea, but so far I seem to find myself rather unconvincing (actually I’d probably have no problem with most nigiri, but I can’t say I’m a big fan of rolls…) Which reminds me, one of these days I really need to go dig up the sushi post I had on my old (and thankfully long-forgotten by most) Blog.

Ever get home from the store with a carton of milk, just to find out that it’s leaking and making a mess out of the fridge? When this happens, you can either:

  • a) Try to figure out how to drink half a gallon of milk really, really fast;
  • b) Throw out an otherwise perfectly good carton of milk ;
  • c) Go return it to the store, which quite frankly seems like an awful lot of hassle for $2.79 worth of milk;
  • d) Try to duct tape over the leak and hope it stops.

Note: This doesn’t work nearly as well as you might expect it to. Even if you expected it not to work at all. Seriously, I’m still trying to figure out how this managed to hold back the half-gallon torrent of milky doom for any length of time…

If you buy one cookbook for a horde of shambling vegetarian zombies this year, be sure to make it this one. Come to think of it, I don’t think there are really any other vegetarian zombie cookbooks out there right now… Can you say “underserved niche market”?

I’m pretty sure I don’t have to remind anyone who’s been reading this Blog for any length of time of the cutthroat nature of the PC market and its never-ending cycle of continuous upgrading. Now it seems that even the manufacturers of semi-realistic prop replica technology have been caught up in the technology race. This eProps 0.86 features the latest in injection-molded Dummy Notebook EPORP (sic) technology with over two nanobytes of RAM, High-capacity Virtual storage*, and the powerful Laptop Props operating system which lets you imagine you’re using a real computer in ways you never thought possible. This system also features a decorative replica keyboard that is completely spillproof, and graphics capabilities to display literally anything you can print out on a piece of paper and stick behind the screen. Just try doing that with a real computer. The eProps 0.86 even features pen capabilities… Once. Don’t settle for real computers, buy your eProps 0.86 today**!

*”Virtual storage” may require significant suspension of disbelief to function.

**Minimum order of 1 truckload required for purchase.

When I was out walking a few weeks ago, I found this former ambulance out on Main street in Bellevue which had been repurposed into a granite hauling vehicle. Aside from the fact that it’s pretty rare to see an ambulance being used as anything besides an ambulance in the first place, this particular purpose seems especially odd. Still, you never know when you or someone you love is going to end up being involved in a life threatening granite emergency…

By now, I’m pretty sure that just about everyone owns about half a dozen of those canvas folding chairs that seemed to appear out of nowhere about ten years ago and quietly take over entire aisles of department stores. After all, the things are surprisingly handy (I have one that has taken up semi-permanent residence in the trunk of my car which actually gets used fairly often) and are cheap enough to practically be disposable. Somewhere along the line, someone decided that we need really big folding chairs that cost $80 and can purportedly seat three people semi-comfortably (or one, if that person happens to be Lily Tomlin.) Furthermore, this oversized folding chair sells for a whopping $80 (which is actually a lot cheaper than the $130 a number of online stores want for the thing,) boasts six cup holders, and probably would require me to fold down the seats in order to get the thing to fit into my car. Given the fact that I could buy about ten of the regular size folding chairs for the same price, I think I’ll pass.

Yeah, I know there are plenty of people out there who think shopping malls are for the birds, but somehow I don’t quite think this is what they had in mind…

Is it just me, or are these things some of the fakest looking fake spills you’ve ever seen? Not that there seems to be a whole lot of competition in the novelty accident simulation market these days, but seriously, I’m not sure they’re even trying anymore.

Finally, we close out with this picture found next to the Bellevue Transit Center, which makes absolutely no sense whatsoever in so many different ways at once that it’s ridiculous. I mean, how the heck do you even get that unicorn on top of that Prius without breaking all sorts of stuff? I’m not even going to try to figure that one out. Feel free to offer interpretations if you wish, but don’t blame me for the resulting headache.



  1. re: the leaking milk carton.

    you also have choice:

    e) find a different pitcher to store the milk

    Comment by Eddie — September 14, 2010 @ 9:55 am

  2. I’m pretty sure that unicorn is crapping a rainbow.

    Comment by Jon Konrath — September 18, 2010 @ 9:54 am

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