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September 28, 2010

I Guess you Can Have a Cow, Man: The Puyallup Fair

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Although I have now lived in the Seattle area for nearly sixteen years now, I have never been to the Puyallup Fair until this past Saturday, even though to hear the way some people put it you’re practically required by law to attend the thing.  Although officially the Puyallup Fair isn’t officially Washington’s State Fair (the Evergreen State Fair happens in late August up in Monroe, and is a much smaller affair,) it is the largest annual event held in Washington State, with an attendance of nearly 1.2 million in 2009.   And I’m pretty sure a rather significant portion of those 1.2 million people were sitting out in front of us in bumper-to-bumper traffic on State Route 167 as me and a few friends very slowly made our way to the Fair this Saturday.   It ultimately took over three hours to make it from my friends’ house in Kirkland to the front gate at the Fairgrounds, a drive that should normally be somewhere around 45 minutes on a good day (or at least a day when there aren’t 50,000 people headed for the same place you’re headed to for some inexplicable reason.)  The fact that we ultimately ended up parked 1.6 miles away probably didn’t help any (and yes, I checked this using the Google My Tracks app on my phone, which actually works quite well for that type of thing as long as it doesn’t think you’re drunk, but that’s another story.)  Of course, as could be expected with that many people, it was quite crowded, and the sample seen above was pretty representative of the typical crowds encountered during our relatively brief stay at the fair.

That wasn’t to say that it was completely impossible to get around.  And even if you had to wade through roughly half a zillion people to get anywhere, there were still quite a few things to see and do.  If we had seen or done any of them I might even have something interesting to write here, but to be perfectly honest, I was pretty much there for two things:  Cows (in spite of lacking any particular reason for this)  and to find some of the Doom-on-a-Stick you keep hearing about at these things.  Anything else was just gravy.  After the jump, a few highlights (such as they are) from the visit.


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