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October 21, 2010

Scrambled Brains and a Side of Hash Browns

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As you might be able to tell from the picture I’ve been hanging out at Denny’s again, which usually only happens when I either completely forget why it is that I don’t go there all that often, or when I’m feeling a bit on the scatterbrained side.  Usually visiting for the latter reason is sufficient to remind me of the former, but yet somehow I still seem to end up there every once in a while, and every time I do I end up wondering why I did that.  Still, in some peculiar fashion, late at night there seems to be a certain quiet solitude to a virtually empty restaurant that makes it a surprisingly good (if not entirely healthy) place to get away from things for a bit.  Sure, I could get all the peace and quiet I could possibly want here in my apartment (road noise from 405 and the occasional ambulance notwithstanding,) but sometimes you and your brain just need to get a disinterested third party involved to sort things out.  And yes, there are just those times when you need breakfast at 10:30pm, or when you just feel like grabbing a slice of pie with that peculiar fresh-off-the-Sysco-truck flavor. 

As for why it is that I’m ending up at Denny’s, there’s a lot I have going on right now, and it’s taking a bit of effort to sort it all out mentally.  I’m going to refrain from discussing any of the details until I get things finalized, but I will say that things are definitely looking up right now.  At the same time, this does mean that I’m probably about to get a whole lot busier than I’ve been for the last little while, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.  In the meantime I’ve been commuting across the lake into Seattle on a daily basis again, albeit a bit closer to the heart of downtown than I’ve been working in previously (Columbia Center, to be precise.)  Even though I’m only a few blocks from where I was over at Teleca, it feels like a completely different place.  If I had to describe it, I’d have to say that it all seems just a bit sterile in comparison to being in Pioneer Square, and I don’t mean that in the hospital sense either. 

One of the main features of Columbia Center (aside from being the tallest building in Washington, and the second tallest on the West Coast) is that it has a rather large food court covering its entire first floor and most of the second and third floors as well.  There’s just one problem with it:  There’s not a lot to eat there.  Sure you have the usual suspects (oddly enough, there’s only two Starbucks in the building, although one is one of the “Original” Starbucks stores and the other is on the 40th floor) and you have about half a zillion different places to grab a sandwich as well as quite a few different ethnic cuisines being represented here, but for some reason the whole entire place just comes across as being unrelentingly generic for some reason.  Earlier this week, one eatery in the place that shall remain nameless served up a corned beef sandwich that somehow managed to be completely, totally and utterly flavorless, which seems like a virtually impossible task.  I mean, they’re using corned freakin’ beef for heaven’s sake, even my inept mishandling of the stuff on my one ill-fated attempt at preparing it was still vaguely recognizable as such by the time I was done mangling it (yeah, it might have been stringy as heck and slathered in some nonspecific goo may have at some point been cabbage, but it definitely wasn’t flavorless.)  Seriously, I think I’ve eaten modeling compounds with more flavor than that stuff.  Needless to say, between my disappointing dining experiences and relatively convenient access to the ridiculously superior Tat’strami sandwich a few blocks away, I doubt I’ll be back anytime soon.

I’m sure if I spent enough time going through the various eateries in the building and trying things I’d eventually find something remotely edible, but I doubt I’m going to be around long enough (or motivated enough for that matter) to do so.  Once again, more details on that coming later.

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