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October 31, 2010

Scary For All the Wrong Reasons: The First Ever Sledgehammer Halloween Kitsch Roundup

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Some of my favorite Blog posts that I’ve done on this site have been the ones covering some of the dubious merchandise inflicted upon an unsuspecting populace in the name of the various holidays that occur throughout the course of the year.  Valentine’s Day has been by far the most abundant source of material (read: the biggest offender) but Easter and Christmas have also been rich sources of questionable kitsch as well.  Nonetheless, over the three-plus years that I have been blogging here, the one big candy holiday that has eluded this site has been Halloween.  Part of this is because I really don’t do Halloween for the most part.  Since I grew out of trick-or-treating back when people rode unconvincingly costumed dinosaurs around the neighborhood collecting candy (with about twelve razor blades in each piece, no less)  I have mostly just ignored Halloween, aside from a token annual pumpkin carving session (the results of which usually range from mediocre to disastrous) and the acquisition of a bag or two of candy which, aside from the few pieces that go to the 2 or 3 trick-or-treaters I usually get, usually ends up contributing to what I’m sure is going to be a humongous payout to a dentist someday. 

Nonetheless, anyone who’s been through the Halloween aisles at your friendly neighborhood mega-mart knows that there’s no shortage of dubious Halloween merchandise out there.  If I was so inclined, I could probably get plenty of material out of just the ridiculous costumes they’re trying to pass off these days, but I think I’m just going to skip those.  After making a brief visit to one of the various fly-by-night Halloween stores that seems to pop up around this time of year I concluded that virtually every costume in the store was slutty, and that was just the stuff for guys.  Fortunately (or unfortunately as the case may be) there’s plenty of other Halloween stuff out there that is, as the title of this post implies, scary for all the wrong reasons.  You’ll find the first (and quite possibly last) ever Sledgehammer Halloween Kitsch Roundup after the jump.


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