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November 24, 2010

Random Thoughts: Post-Snowpocalyptic Wasteland Edition

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I’ve got a big post coming up later today on how I made the Christmas ornaments that I will be handing out in the family Thanksgiving ornament exchange (I keep deluding myself into thinking that this might actually be interesting to someone out there,) but in the meantime, here’s a few random thoughts to tide you over:

  • I’m pretty sure it shouldn’t surprise anyone around here anymore that nobody can manage to drive in the snow, but one way or another it still does.  Fortunately, thanks to my new job, I was able to just skip the whole mess entirely and just walk to work.  In a way this is nice, but at the same time it also means that I really don’t have an excuse not to be there when the weather gets lousy.  Well, maybe except for the fact that the combination of the holiday week, the weather and general circumstances meant that practically nobody else on my team was in the office this week anyway.
  • For some time now I’ve been awaiting some good weather-related carnage on 405 that I can watch (and most likely enjoy far more than I really should) from my high and lofty perch, but this past snowstorm proved a tad disappointing.  There were a few issues on one or two onramps and offramps, but beyond that there wasn’t really anything but a bit of somewhat slow-moving traffic to watch (and even that was fairly light)  Oh well, at least we’ve got a whole Winter of this stuff to look forward to…
  • Speaking of Winter:  In the shockingly likely event that most of the Winter is going to be like this, remind me to go hide in some dark corner and sink into despair, OK?
  • Fortunately, if I can somehow manage to survive this Winter, there is most likely going to be a 7-day Caribbean cruise to look forward to.  That’s the good news:  The bad news is that last time I checked, the end of March is still four months away.
  • Until earlier today when I had to go get a whole bunch of groceries to get ready for Thanksgiving, I had been able to avoid driving completely for the past three days.  Which, considering the mess we had out on the roads, was probably a good thing.
  • Speaking of grocery shopping, why the heck did I wait until the evening before Thanksgiving to go grocery shopping?  Oh wait, now I remember, something about some wintry apocalypse descending upon the land, ravaging all who dare to foolishly drive home from work on a Monday evening.  I’ve heard that one of those might make shopping a tad difficult.
  • Or at least it would if I didn’t live all of five blocks away from the grocery store.  But come on, it’s coooooold out there!
  • No, it’s NOT 40 miles in the snow uphill both ways, but come on, the grandkids don’t have to hear about inconsequential little details like that, OK?
  • After this evening’s grocery shopping, I found that behind the store there was a big empty iced-over parking lot, and just couldn’t resist the temptation to go mess around in my car a bit back there.  My car proved to be disappointingly stable on the ice.  I suppose this is a good thing if you happen to be trying to avoid sliding into oncoming traffic, but it doesn’t do much for hooning in an empty iced-over parking lot.
  • Note to self:  Go figure out how much it would cost to buy an Impreza WRX.
  • Note to self:  Disregard previous note to self after remembering how much insurance for one of the things would cost.
  • Reminder to self:  You probably could have bought one of the things AND paid for the insurance with all that money Amazon offered you.  What the heck were you thinking passing that up?
  • Note to self:  Oh, shut up already.
  • That new Microsoft store over at Bellevue Square is kind of cool, but I think practically every single item in the entire store can be found cheaper somewhere else.
  • The place sure seem to attract a whole lot of famous rock stars I don’t ever listen to though…
  • Speaking of which, It’s amazing how you can hear a multi-platinum, 2-time Grammy winning recording artist from what would be an equivalent distance to only a few rows away from the stage in a major concert venue (and not have to pay for it either) and not have it really register anything (lousy acoustics probably didn’t help much, something tells me that the architect who designed Bellevue Square didn’t figure on that particular scenario.)  In fact, the very next evening I went out to Crossroads to grab some dinner, and quite enjoyed the program of big band jazz music being played by the Seattle Women’s Jazz Orchestra that evening.  Perhaps even more so than the famous guy from the night before, in fact.  Call it a matter of taste if you want (I know Dave Matthews has a very devoted following) but there’s just too many different types of music out there to follow everything all at once, not to mention quite a few that I don’t particularly care to even try to follow.  I’m sure that Dave Matthews plays the type of music (primarily acoustic guitar) that I could get into if I listened to enough of it, but there’s something that’s just a lot more easily accessible about the kind of music you hear over at Crossroads.  It’s really easy for the performers who grace their stage on any given Friday night to meet your expectations if you go in having none.  Just drop in, grab a bite to eat and listen to whatever happens to be playing, be it a Beatles cover band, a couple of guys on fiddles or a full orchestra.  You can just go in, sit back, and be entertained for however long you feel like being entertained. 
  • Speaking of which I really need to write more about Crossroads (the whole mall thing has really kind of fizzled out, but I’ve still got it on some back burner) and what makes the place tick.  Maybe after the new year.

Anyway, have a Happy Thanksgiving, and stay safe on the roads in whatever else Mother Nature decides to throw at us for the next few months.


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  1. Very much looking forward to reading your latest on Crossroads. (If you have updates on Factoria, I’d love to hear them, too!)

    Comment by Rob — December 3, 2010 @ 2:34 pm

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