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February 6, 2011

More Random Thoughts: Too Many Toys and Not Enough Time

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Just a few more random thoughts I was a bit too scatterbrained to write down while I was doing yesterday’s post.

  • Apparently I spoke a bit too soon on the whole dogsitting thing last night going a bit too well.  Shortly after I got up this morning I found that Minardi had thrown up on the floor of the family room. While there’s definitely worse things to be doing than cleaning up dog puke, I don’t particularly recommend it to start off your day.
  • How bored does someone one have to be to rush over to the washing machine to make sure they get there in time to catch the good part of the spin cycle?  Granted, the spin cycle on the washer I have in my apartment is probably a lot cooler than the spin cycle I had in my old place, but still…
  • Between the 24 Hours of Daytona on Speed Channel and the How It’s Made marathon they were running on Science Channel at the same time, it’s a wonder I even made it off the couch last Saturday.  There’s nothing like a good old-fashioned endurance race to give you a perfectly valid excuse to spend six hours on the couch in one sitting.
  • Apparently there’s supposed to be some sort of a football game going on today, and everyone seems to be making a big deal out of it.  I’m thinking I probably won’t bother watching since I really can’t stand the Pittsburgh Steelers, but as often tends to be the case, everyone’s trying to sell you stuff to watch the officially unofficially non trademark-infringing “Big Game”.  During the three or four minutes I’ve spent listening to the radio this week, I noted that there have been a number of ads touting the combination of Ritz Crackers and Coke Zero as some sort of abnormally great snack combination for your assorted parties.  I suspect this particular combination resulted from a late-night brainstorming session at the ad agency where they drew names out of a hat, and decided to market the living daylights out of whatever combination, nonsensical though it may be, came out of the hat.  After all, when was the last time you grabbed a handful of Ritz(R) Crackers and thought “Man, you know what would make this snack complete?  A nice refreshing Coke Zero(TM)!”  Yeah, me neither.

  • You know, even for a mannequin, this looks painful.
  • Valentine’s Day is coming up in a little bit more than a week.  I suppose this gives me two options.  I could either: a) go fall madly in love with someone; or b)start working on my Valentine’s Day Kitsch Roundup post.  Since I don’t anticipate option A happening anytime soon (that pesky part where other people have to be involved tends to get in the way), I suppose I should start working on option B.
  • Right now in my living room, there are four different video games that are still sitting in their shrinkwrap unopened, and a whole bunch more that I bought, played for all of about two hours, then never bothered playing again.  Something tells me it’s time to start cutting back on my game collection a bit  At least I don’t still have a Sega Genesis hooked up to the TV in the living room, I guess that’s a start…
  • Speaking of video games, why is it that I can never just turn on my PS3 and play a game?  Every single freakin’ time I turn the thing on, it seems like I’ve got another system update that takes 20 minutes to download before it’ll let me even start my games.  And it’s not like these patches are adding  new features either.  Mostly it’s some sort of nebulous 3.5x-to-3.5×1 “Security update” stuff which, as just about anyone who reads one of the major gaming Blogs can quickly figure out, usually means that they’ve got some random hacker eating their proverbial lunch again.  And then after I download the pointless updates and try to start a game, more often than not there will be a patch I have to download for that too (which can be anywhere from 50 to 600 megabytes, and will take three times as long as it should because PSN can’t be bothered to use more than 25% of my available download bandwidth at any given time.)  Granted, it’s not necessarily every game doing this every time, but it certainly happens often enough to be annoying as heck. 
  • Come to think of it, would I really even miss my PS3 if I just flat-our got rid of it?  There’s still a few games I’d like to be able to play on it, but I’m really starting to think that the answer to that question is no.
  • Or, for that matter, my iPad?  That one might be a little bit trickier since I use that a lot more than I use any of my gaming consoles these days, but I really wish the Android Honeycomb tablets would hurry up and make it to market so I could find a decent alternative.  This is something that I’ll probably turn into a full post of its own at some point, but  the more I think about this, the more I start to think that it’s not so much that I’m really a big fan of the  iPad itself as I am of the general form factor it comes in.  In fact, I find that in spite of my efforts to be more objective about these things than I used to be, I still find it very difficult not to thoroughly dislike Apple as a company even if I do make occasional use of their products these days.  The same could be said of Sony, for the reasons outlined above.  Again, this is something that’ll probably warrant its own post later on.
  • I have no idea what’s been going on with the various Words with Friends games I have going on my iPad, but for the past few days, I’ve been hitting some really lousy letters.  Anyone know what I’m supposed to do with 3 Es, 2 Is, a Q and an L?
  • Why the heck is the WordPress spellchecker flagging “20” as a typo?  Did I forget the comma or something?

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