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March 30, 2011

Random Thoughts From Life at Sea

Filed under: travel, Wanderings — Brian Lutz @ 8:57 pm

At sea, en route to St. Thomas
Position: 17 57.90N, 6430.7 W
Heading: 255.9 degrees
Speed 10.9 knots

The halfway point of the journey has now been reached, and since I have Internet connectivity in St. Thomas on my phone, I thought I would put together a quick post to keep the Blog warm. There will be plenty to write about once I get home, but I have been enjoying the trip so far. As usual, it seems like there hasn’t been nearly enough opportunity to just take some time to do nothing. Between the family, the shore excursions and the various activities aboard the ship, things have been busier than you would expect them to be.

With three days and two stops to make before returning to Fort Lauderdale (and another day after that before returning home) there is still plenty of vacation to go, but already it seems like we’ve been here for a while. Perhaps this is the fact that I haven’t had the opportunity to take a “real” vacation of much more than a long weekend in quite a while, but time seems to flow differently on a ship like this. Although there is usually plenty on the schedule, the only true obligation I have on a daily basis is a 6pm dinnertime. To be honest, a nightly four-course dinner can get to be a bit too much after a while, but the food has been pretty good, and we’ve got a good server in the dining room as well. In particular, tonight’s dinner was particularly loaded with excellent choices. Not really bothering to count calories at this point, mostly because I am not sure I would want to know the results.

Anyway, most of the details of the trip will be saved for my return home, but in the meantime, here are a few random thoughts on the trip so far:

-I seem to be having trouble finding many opportunities to go swimming on the ship. Between the sunburn I picked up on Eleuthera (don’t ask), the port and dinner schedules and the relatively early closing times of the pools, there just doesn’t seem to be much opportunity to actually go swim. Which is a shame, because the pools on the ship are lovely.
-The next time I start to consider playing Bingo, someone save me the trouble and just set 40 bucks out of my wallet on fire, OK? Granted, my aunt did win $400 the other day, but still…
-Come to think of it, I’m trying to figure out how I even justify gambling in the first place. Even at low limits, it mostly seems like it is throwing money away that could better be used elsewhere. I would enjoy playing some of the table games (Roulette in particular) if it didn’t involve so much money. of course, the “proper” strategies to reduce house advantage on these games are to play them in just about the most boring way possible.
-As of when I am writing this (as a local draft on my iPad) I have been completely offline since the ship left port on Sunday. And I haven’t really cared much about this, which is odd because normally I hardly go more than a few hours at a time offline.
-Does anyone know what day it is? I forgot.
-The sheer number of fake designer watches and handbags in St. Maarten is just plain ridiculous. Practically every other shop in Phillpsburg sells the things. And nobody been bothers trying to hide it either.
-I really wish we had more time in some of these ports. An eight hour stop is hardly enough to see much of anything, especially if half that is being taken up by a shore excursion.
-Whose bright idea was it to stick a Diamondvision right in the main pool area on the ship and fill it with stuff at blaringly loud volume all day anyway? I need to have a nice long chat with that person…
-The weather on this trip has been quite lovely. Don’t think I’ve seen a single drop of rain yet.
-Occasional faults aside, Where do I sign up for the next boat?

Once again, more later when I am back on land.


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