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May 1, 2011

Random Thoughts: Absolutely Nothing To Do With Cruising Edition

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By the time you’re seeing this April should be officially in the books, and May is on the way.  Shockingly, it’s starting to look like spring may actually happen here this year, in spite of what’s been on average a fairly chilly April (so much so in fact that Seattle has actually beaten the record for the lowest average high temperature for April,) and the past couple of Saturdays have been surprisingly tolerable in terms of weather.  Granted, pretty much every day in between has been some combination of rainy windy and cold, but as long as the Saturdays are nice enough I guess I can live with that (for a few more weeks anyway.)   So, in honor of the apparent arrival of spring at some point (maybe,) here’s a few random thoughts:

  • If whoever’s in charge of the weather happens to be listening, some of us around here do actually try to go outside during the rest of the week too.  Yeah, I know that rainy miserableness has to happen at some point, but would it be too much to ask that we get an occasional nice day during the week too?
  • Wait, did I just blow my one allotted weather complaint post less than two hours into the month?  While the weather outside is actually fairly decent?  Dang it, guess that means I have to pretend to tolerate whatever weather we get for the rest of the month.  I won’t complain if we get some nice weather two Saturdays from now though…
  • Whoever it was that figured out that you can charge four bucks for a pretzel at the mall and get people to actually buy the things is a genius.  Most likely an evil genius, but a genius nonetheless.  At most fast food places (probably even the ones you’ll find in the same food court)  you could easily get a burger and fries for the same price as you’re spending on what basically amounts to a lump of baked dough that probably costs all of a quarter (if that even) to make.  And yet those pretzel stands always seem to have a line in front of them.  Granted, that doesn’t stop me from getting one on infrequent occasions (sometimes you’re only looking for a snack,) but it occurs to me that three bucks is an awful lot to be paying for what’s basically a bit of bread.  Then again, the pretzel place in Bellevue Square has been around pretty much forever (I actually recall back when it was in a different location prior to the mall’s yuppiefication) so obviously they’re doing something right over there.
  • I hate it when I’m out and about and I get hungry, but I’m too indecisive to figure out what it is that I actually want to eat.  It happens a lot more often than I’d really like, and it leads to various awkward situations like going to the grocery store just to browse.  Well OK, I’ve been known to do that anyway, but you know how they say you’re not supposed to go shopping when you’re hungry to avoid making unwise impulse purchases?  I think my brain is wired backwards for that one. 
  • It turns out that it’s shockingly easy to renew a driver’s license online these days.  This is kind of disappointing, because I was really looking forward to complaining about having to go sit in some ridiculous line at a soul-crushing DOL office.


  • It looks like we’ve got another sandwich shop in the apparently near future (or, given the banner in the window, whenever they feel like it)  on the way to Downtown Bellevue, in the form of Potbelly.  I’m not familiar with this particular chain, but from what their website shows, they seem to be mostly concentrated in the Northeastern US and Texas, with a Downtown Seattle and Bellevue location coming that will be the chain’s first two stores on the West Coast.  Although having more lunch options near work is always a good thing, and Downtown Bellevue isn’t quite as oversaturated with sandwich shops the way that Pioneer Square seemed to be when I was working over there last year, it still seems to be that sandwiches seem to represent a disproportionate portion of the places catering to the Downtown Bellevue office workers.  There are definitely some good alternatives to be found in the area (in particular, Mod Pizza is a favorite of mine, although it is a bit of a walk to get to) but it would be nice if there were just a few more places here that had something besides sandwiches.  There’s a place next to my office that does some decent Indian food (and apparently Greek too, but I haven’t tried much of that side of the menu since I’ve never been big on Mediterranean food) and a fair-to-middling teriyaki place that takes so long to get your order out that you begin to wonder if they’re slaughtering chickens in the kitchen, but there’s at least half a dozen different places to get a sandwich within a couple of blocks (oh, and also four Starbucks and a Tully’s within a two-block radius, but that’s beside the point.)
  • On the other hand, if they absolutely must keep adding sandwich shops in Downtown Bellevue, would it be too much to ask to get a Tat’s Deli over on this side of the lake?  The Tatstrami is definitely one of the things I miss about working over in Pioneer Square (although if I had a cardiologist, he or she would probably disagree with me on that one.)   
  • Oh, and speaking of Mod Pizza, I just remembered that I still have a gift certificate for a free pizza that I’ve been meaning to give away here on the Blog.  I think I’m going to do some sort of caption contest for this, so once I dig through my photos and find something that’ll work for this I’ll post it up here.  This should happen sometime this week.
  • It looks like the next post I put up after this one is going to be the 500th post on this Blog.  I’m not sure if you’re supposed to do something special for a milestone like that or not, but it seems like there should be some sort of significance to that.  It doesn’t seem like I’ve written that much stuff here, but if I figure an average of about 800 words or so per post (I’d be interested to figure out the actual word count for everything, but it doesn’t seem like there’s a practical way to figure this out) that would come out to some 400,000 words (give or take a few of course.)  And not counting subfolders, there’s almost 1,600 pictures in the Photobucket folder I’m using to store Blog images.  It’s definitely one of those things that adds up after a while.

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