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May 18, 2011

Random Thoughts: Completely Weather Complaint Free Edition

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Man, it’s too bad I wasted my monthly weather complaint post two hours into May on a relatively decent day, because if I hadn’t, you’d be getting an earful right now about all this…  um…  that stuff in the sky I’m not allowed to talk about right now.  That makes everything wet.  Yeah, that stuff.  But since I’m not allowed to talk about the weather, here are a few random thoughts that have nothing to do with it at all (I think):

  • Last week, there was a get-together hosted at the Bellevue Art Museum by the Bellevue Downtown Association for residents of Downtown Bellevue.  Not a whole lot to report from that, but I did happen to run into a Blog reader (I apologize if I forgot your name, I’ve always been bad with that stuff.)  Not counting immediate and extended family, I think that brings the count of people reading the stuff I write here up to… oh, about six or so.  Maybe seven, but I’m starting to suspect one of them was mostly trying to find an excuse to sell stuff.  I don’t know, that stuff in they sky I’m not supposed to mention here  is messing with my brain lately.
  • At the risk of boring most of my six alleged readers away with even more cruise-related blathering, this past weekend I went on that one-day cruise on the Sapphire Princess down to Seattle from Vancouver that I planned a few months ago, along with my two sisters and brothers-in-law.  My parents drove us all up to Vancouver from Redmond and aside from a couple of detours we all arrived at Canada Place on the Vancouver Waterfront fairly early, but even with that we still ended up having to wait over an hour in various lines at the pier (mostly the line for the security screening) to board the ship. Apparently even with the long wait we got off easy on that one, as I’ve seen quite a few reports from other passengers of there were people who arrived an hour later than we did who ended up having to wait four hours in the line.  All four of the ships in port ended up having to delay their departures two hours due to the boarding fiasco, but even with that fun little snafu going on it was still a nice little trip, in spite of an abundance of that wet stuff in the sky I’m not allowed to write about.  I don’t know I’d necessarily call it a full-fledged cruise since there were some omissions due to the shortness of the trip (most notably, the casino was closed, although I most likely wouldn’t have gambled anyway even if it was open)  but if you think of it as a weekend getaway in a big floating hotel with meals and entertainment included, it works out pretty well.  Not sure I’d necessarily do it again though, at least not on the same ship, and quite likely not in September again.  I’m actually thinking that some of these mini-cruises might be a good way to see some of the other ships that sail out of Seattle without having to invest the time or money into a full-fledged cruise, (in particular, I’d like to go check out one of the Holland America ships so I can see what my options look like in the unlikely event that I ever manage to end up getting old) but at the same time, I’d probably be more than a little bit hesitant to book one of these one-day sailings out of Vancouver again, especially if there’s going to be a lot of ships in port.  It seems they’re just not equipped to handle that much traffic.  But just to show that I never seem to learn my lesson on that stuff, it’s looking likely I’ll be sailing out of Vancouver again in September, but this time it’ll be for a 5-day trip down to Los Angeles with stops in Victoria and San Francisco.  I’ll refrain from boring you with the details of that one for a couple of months, or until I run dangerously low on Blog material again (whichever comes first.



  • One of the local Target stores is remodeling currently to expand the grocery selections and add fresh produce to the mix, and as a result they’ve got a number of things you’d normally expect to find in the food department scattered around the store in various locations.  I think someone might want to double-check the placement of the beer aisle…
  • Even though I’ve pretty well settled into the job I started back in November, I do have to say that I still haven’t quite figured out what I’m supposed to do with three weeks of vacation per year.  Spending so many years working in jobs where having time off generally meant being unemployed, so it was hard to ever do much with it.  That said, the idea of having time to take off, but not really using it for anything just seems weird.  I’ve just never been good at doing nothing, it seems like I always have to have one thing or another going, especially if I’m taking time off.  I suppose I’ll figure this stuff out eventually…
  • For some reason, I just downloaded a game on my Xbox this evening that is mostly in untranslated Japanese.  Aside from the basic “shoot at things and dodge pink bullets” gameplay typical of the genre (yeah, it’s another one of those pale kid 2D shooters I’ve accumulated a decent collection of over the years) I haven’t got a clue what I’m supposed to be doing with this one.  All I know is that somehow I’ve managed to get a bunch of random achievements with no clue what any of them are actually for.



  • Is it just me, or are “limited edition” household goods starting to get just a bit out of hand lately?  Sure, there are a few products out there for which a small niche market of collectors might exist (for things like cereal boxes or soda cans, for example) but does anyone really expect to sell more glass cleaner by selling it in “limited edition” packaging that is really just the same regular packaging with a different label on it?  Have you ever met anyone who collected cleaning products and displayed them anywhere besides the back of the cabinet underneath the kitchen sink?   
  • Upon returning from the short cruise I was on this weekend, I may or may not have smuggled donuts into the USA.  It’s not that there’s a question of whether or not I brought the stuff across the border or anything like that (the mostly eaten box of Timbits on the counter should answer that question,) but the guidelines on what can and can’t be brought across the border seem just a tad vague on the subject.  I’m guessing there’s probably nothing to worry about, but if I ever find myself being chased around by Mounties, at least I’ll know why.
  • I’ve got that freakin’ Nyan Cat song that’s been circulating around the Internet for the past couple of weeks stuck in my head right now, and it’s bugging the heck out of me.  Why the heck did I watch that blasted video anyway?  Twice?
  • WordPress seems to be messing with the formatting of this post for some reason I can’t seem to figure out, so I think I better just quit messing with this and just post it.  My apologies if it looks weird.  Maybe it has something to do with the… um…  unspecified precipitation events I’m not allowed to discuss here that we’ve been having around here lately.

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