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May 23, 2011

Save the Last Dance For Someone Else

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This past Friday, I spent a portion of my evening over at Crossroads, as I do on occasion when nothing else of any particular interest is going on.  As I’ve discussed before here, if you’re looking for a decent meal and some entertainment on any given Friday or Saturday evening, there’s a good chance that you’ll be able to find both there, even if you don’t know what it is you’re looking for in either case.  On this particular evening, the band on the Crossroads stage was Filé Gumbo, a Cajun Zydeco band that performs throughout the local area.  Granted, this is a genre of music that I would probably not listen to normally, but one of the nice things about the music selections at Crossroads is that it’s easy to just listen to whatever music happens to be playing and in most cases enjoy it for what it is. 

After grabbing some dinner, I sat down to watch the last 3 or 4 songs of the evening’s performance.  It is not uncommon for a few people (mostly older couples) to use the music as an opportunity to do a little bit of dancing in the area in front of the stage, but in this case, there was one little girl (who couldn’t have been more than about 6 or 7 years old) who was watching the music with her parents nearby, and was dancing up a storm as the music played.  Although I have little context from which to judge such things, she seemed to be quite good at it too.  It didn’t appear that she was dancing in any specific fashion that I could identify, just improvising to whatever was being played (in this case, Cajun music.)   The family appeared to be of East Asian descent (which is quite common around here)  and given the significance of both religious and secular dances in many East Asian cultures, there is a good chance that she would have some sort of formal dance instruction work from, but regardless of whatever instruction this little girl had in dance, there seemed to be a lot of natural ability as well.  It strikes me as being the type of thing that I could never do, even if I was inclined to try.

To be honest, I’ve never been completely sure of just why it is that I seem to have a natural aversion to dancing.  Aside from a minor lack of coordination (something that could probably be fixed to some extent with sufficient practice) there isn’t any physical reason I couldn’t do it.  Mostly it just seems to be an aversion to the entire concept for reasons I can’t seem to explain.  I can’t explain exactly why, but to me  it just seems like a waste of perfectly good movement for no good reason.  I also think there’s an inherent sense of showing off that is part of the whole thing, and for someone who doesn’t care much for showing off, that can contribute to this.  Dancing with a partner (on the assumption that I ever end up with one of those, I’m starting to wonder about that) opens up about three or four different cans of worms on top of this, not the least of which is the so-called “touch barrier” that develops in casual relationships and basically just makes things really awkward.  Because of this, I suspect that for many people it would be a lot easier for them to dance with a complete stranger (provided that there was no obligations involved in the process, just basically picking someone at random and dancing with them once or twice) than it would be for them to dance with a friend, unless they were in an established relationship with each other and had thus eliminated the touch barrier previously.  Either way, I just haven’t ever really been inclined to do this.

I’m pretty sure that this is one of those things that falls into the “47 different ways that I’m weird compared to normal people” category.  Come to think of it, I could get a whole series of posts out of that concept of I ran with it for long enough.  And given the relative lack of good bloggable material I’ve been experiencing lately, I might just end up doing that.  If I do, consider this my preemptive apology for subjecting you to this stuff.  Now an idea like that might actually work if I was weird in amusing ways, but mostly it just seems that I manage to find slightly different ways to be boring when compared to most normal people.  Even my gaping personality flaws are all standard-issue textbook stuff anymore.  Thus if I was inclined to make something out of this idea, I would have one of two possible choices:  I could either make up some personality defects at random (better pass on that one, it’s difficult keeping up with that kind of thing and I end tend to forget which of my many neuroses I’m visiting the psychiatrist for this week) or I could just go insane. 

Then again, neither of these sounds like a particularly wise idea.  After all, I don’t look good in a straitjacket anyway.  And if I wanted to spend 50 minutes on a couch I’d just go take a nap in the living room.  I’m pretty sure that would be more therapeutic  anyway.  And just think of all the money I would save by not having to go sit around talking to a shrink every week.  I could afford all sorts of stuff, like…  I don’t know, maybe dance lessons?


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