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August 26, 2011

Random Thoughts: A Midsummer Night’s Fever Dream

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Hmmm... Got anything in Sapient Pearwood?

Although Summer is coming to a close, late August always seems to produce some of the best weather we get around here all year, and this year has been no exception in this regard.  Aside from a somewhat out-of-place rainstorm on Monday (which, naturally, managed to rain out the only outdoor activities I’ve had planned in weeks) it’s been mostly very nice weather without getting too hot or too cold.  I’m hoping that this weather holds out for a few more weeks, since September looks to be a busy month with two different trips and a number of other activities planned.  Unofficially, this kicks off tomorrow (or, given my tendency to be up way too late writing this stuff, probably today) with PAX over in Seattle, so since I apparently intend to spend the next couple of days actively wasting my life on video games (well, more so than usual,) here are a few random late Summer Thoughts I’ve collected over the past few weeks:

  • That title has absolutely nothing to do with the content of this post.  It was just far too clever to pass up.
  • I’m pretty sure I grossly overestimate my cleverness when it comes to post titles on this Blog.  And post content, for that matter.
  • Now that I think of it, I probably should have saved that one for a Fun with Insomnia post. 
  • I’ve got about a week until I head down to Disneyland for the Labor Day weekend with a few friends, and I’ve got about half a dozen things I need to sort out before I go, mostly in terms of trying to solve various wardrobe-related issues (I’ll refrain from further elaboration on that one) that can really annoy the heck out of you by the time you’ve spent three days wandering around a theme park and countless hours standing in lines.  Sometimes I worry that I’m starting to overthink these things, but at least I can always just remind myself that I’m not one of the crazy people that obsessively plans their Disney trips months in advance down to the minute, makes restaurant reservations six months in advance, and generally overplans the heck out of everything.  Unsurprisingly, these plans usually collapse about 20 minutes after the park opens, and meltdowns follow soon afterward.  I prefer to keep my vacations as meltdown-free as possible.  Then again, I’m pretty much just along for the ride on this trip, so I guess I’ll have to see what happens.  Either way, it should be interesting…
  • Owing to the somewhat unusual nature of the several trips I’m taking in September, it looks like I’m going to end up purchasing an annual pass to Disneyland.  When all the costs are figured in, it’s actually cheaper to buy one of those than to buy 3-day Parkhoppers twice, and then if I get the premium one (which costs an extra $120 over the deluxe version) it’ll also cover parking costs (a $45 savings on this trip), not have any blackout dates (which would cost an extra $65 a day if I end up going when there’s a blackout day for the other annual passes on the calendar,)   Of course, an annual pass also means that I’ll probably have to figure out how to sneak in at least another trip or two down there over the course of the next year to justify the cost.  It also means that in spite of my better judgment (which has already endured one trip out the proverbial window with a trip during Labor Day weekend and right in the middle of the Disneyland Half Marathon) I’ll probably have to make a trip down there during the ridiculously busy parts of Summer in order to see the completed overhaul of California Adventure.
  • My sister Heather and her husband Brooks are expecting their first daughter and my first niece any day now.  Also, my other sister Jacki and her husband just found out today that they one they have coming in January is going to be a boy, bringing the count of nephews to five.  I suppose this means I’m going to have to try to catch up…

  • Ever have one of those nights where you know you want cheese pizza for dinner, but you just can’t seem to decide how many cheeses you want on your pizza?  Well, Trader Joe’s has your options covered. Unless you only want a two cheese pizza, then you’re pretty much on your own.

  • But if you get the three-cheese stuff, then later regret it, I suppose you can always catch up by adding some…  Parmesan Style Grated Topping.  When they have to put it that way, it hardly seems worth the effort.  Then again, judging from the ingredient list it’s basically just regular Parmesan and Romano cheese cut with some sort of starch to make you use less actual cheese, thus (theoretically) reducing the amount of fat being consumed.  In practice, I suspect people just end up using more of the stuff and negating the effects.  Oh well, at least you can still get the real stuff.

  • Careful there guys, we wouldn’t want to keep Panda up past his bedtime now, would we?  Sadly, this seems to be pretty much what passes for “open late” around here. 

  • Way back in 2008, I wrote a rather extensive post on this Blog regarding the history of the old Marina style Safeway store in Downtown Bellevue, which was at that time on the verge of closing as Safeway moved to a much larger new store a block away.  At the time, it was expected that the old 1960s store, which is sitting on a prime piece of downtown Bellevue real estate, would be demolished within a few months to make way for the next part of Kemper Freeman’s ongoing Lincoln Square development.  As you’re probably all too painfully aware, the economy tanked a couple of months later, bringing a virtual halt to major development in the Downtown Bellevue area.  As a result of this, the former Safeway store has sat vacant and largely untouched since that time, with the only exception being when Microsoft briefly took over the parking lot for an ill-fated Miley Cyrus concert last November to open up their new Microsoft Store in Bellevue Square.  In a somewhat surprising development, last week it was announced that later this year this former Safeway will become the home of Your Local Market, a new independent grocery store with a focus on local and organic foods.  So far, there don’t seem to be many signs of activity here yet, but it’ll be interesting to see how this shapes up.  You’ll probably be seeing more on this one later.
  • In other semi-ancient Blog-related history, one of the very first posts I wrote on this Blog back when I started it in 2007 was an elegy of sorts to the old wreck of a car that I had spent the better part of ten years driving (five of which were probably well beyond the point when sane people would have gotten rid of it) and was preparing to send on its inevitably one-way trip to the crusher as I replaced it with a new car.  This past week, I made my final payment on my now not-so-new car, thus paying it off.  I’m definitely looking forward to not having to make that payment anymore.


  • As if I needed an excuse, this was the fortune cookie I received recently from a visit to a local restaurant.  Yeah, I know I’ve probably been spending way too much time cruising lately, but who am I to argue with a fortune cookie?  Oh, and the one I’ve got coming up in a few weeks doesn’t count.  Last time I checked, it was pretty dang cold off the Pacific Coast.  I’m thinking it’s going to take at least the Caribbean to deal with this one…

  • And finally to close this post out, yet another gratuitous dog picture from when Iwas taking care of Imola and Minardi a couple of weekends ago.  Just because.

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