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September 13, 2011

It’s a Bigger World Than You Think: Thoughts From Labor Day Weekend at Disneyland

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Once again, I’ve been slacking off a bit recently on Blogging.  Since I spent a good portion of last week on vacation part 1, and I am now less than a week from embarking on Vacation Part 2.  I could probably claim to be busy, but I don’t think vacation really counts as “busy,” at least in the typical sense of the word.  As is usually the case with my travels, I’ll probably be Internet constrained for a decent portion of the trip, but I’ll try to post something (probably brief) when I get a chance, probably when I’m in San Francisco.  Apparently I’ve actually cruised enough now that I actually qualify for free Internet access while onboard the ship, but in my experience shipboard Internet tends to be more of a “hey look, we’ve got Internet on our ship!” thing than it is a useful tool, and I doubt it would allow for much blogging. I don’t think this particular trip (a cruise down the coast from Vancouver to Los Angeles with stops in Victoria and San Francisco along the way) warrants too much in the way of blogging, but I’ll probably come up with something when I get back from my trip. 

That said, this past Labor Day weekend found me once again at Disneyland, although instead of being one of my usual solo trips, this time I went with three friends, which certainly made for a much different trip than I most likely would have gone on by myself.  As usual, I will refrain from making a blow-by-blow account of the trip (I tried that back with my 2008 Disney World trip, not sure it’s all that useful, nor am I certain I have the attention span for it again in the first place) but after the jump you’ll find a number of random thoughts and photos from the past weekend’s Disneyland trip.


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