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February 8, 2012

Just Watching the World Float By

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We got about two days of these calm seas. The rest, not so much.

For the last couple of days I have been so jet-lagged that for some reason, I’ve actually been waking up at what sane people might actually consider to be a somewhat reasonable time in the morning.  And while it’s true that being four time zones away from home isn’t exactly being what you’d call halfway around the world, it’s certainly enough to throw you off a bit.  I suspect the fact that I came home with a bit of the galloping (or floating, as the case may be) crud that hit the ship pretty hard for the last couple of days of the trip probably isn’t exactly helping out matters here either.  In spite of that, I’d have to say I made it through the trip in reasonably decent shape, having managed to make it through a week in the Caribbean without incurring any major sunburns, losing my will to ever return back home or getting devoured by some particularly loathsome jungle creature.  Not that there’s a lot of those on the islands that were visited on this trip, but still…

Can’t say the trip was exactly what you would call a perfect Winter getaway though.  A good portion of the trip through the open waters of the Caribbean Sea on the way to and from Curacao and Aruba was spent in some pretty rough seas with 35-40 knot winds and 10 foot waves, which made for a bit of a bumpy ride.  Well OK, a lot of a bumpy ride, to the point that on one of the cruise boards I read someone who has been on 35 cruises says that this one might have been the roughest seas they’ve encountered.  Oh yeah, and there’s also the fact that on the last day or so a bunch of people on the ship started getting sick, a situation which has ultimately forced the premature termination of the cruise after ours, and has presumably caused major headaches for the cruise line.  I managed to avoid getting sick on the ship, but started developing some mild symptoms the day after returning, and suspect that I didn’t quite manage to dodge that one.  Not that any of this is going to put me off cruising anytime soon.  The weather is, obviously, an uncontrollable factor, and the galloping and/or floating crud seems to be going around just about everywhere right now.

That said, given the typical Winter weather that we have around here (well usually, at least) I don’t think that being able to spend a week in the Caribbean in the middle of January provides a whole lot to complain about.  This particular trip was a Southern Caribbean itinerary, with visits to several islands which I have not ever had a chance to visit before.  In particular, the visit to Curacao proved especially interesting, for reasons that will be discussed in a future Blog post.  Watch for more on this and other stuff related to this trip over the next few days.  It looks like I’m just about due for the annual Valentine’s Day Kitsch Roundup too, so that should be coming soon as well.


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