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June 9, 2012

Fun With Three Hours of Sleep and Too Much Sugar

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(Note: Although I wrote this on the plane on the flight down this morning, thanks to some issues with the in-flight Wi-Fi I wasn’t able to post it until reaching the hotel much later. Needless to say, I am not exactly endorsing the sleep-deprived approach to theme park touring. Crowds are not too bad, and I actually managed to get quite a bit done (I doubt the same can be said of things a week from now.) Oh, and the rental car I got was so new that the odometer had less than three miles on it. Now I’m almost afraid to drive the thing…)

Although I don’t exactly live the kind of jet-setting lifestyle that you always seem to hear about allegedly cool people living, It occurs to me that I do travel a lot more these days than I used to. Then again, the last year or so has been a bit of an exception to my normal travel habits. Somehow I suspect I won’t be taking four (well, three-and-a-half if you want to be technical) cruises within a year again anytime soon. That isn’t to say I wouldn’t do so if the opportunity arose, but with a job that doesn’t allow nearly that much vacation time and what I suspect will be some pretty significant pending changes to my life situation, it isn’t looking likely these days.

Even so, I do take the opportunity to get away for a bit when I can, and as I write this I am on a Virgin America flight to Los Angeles, headed for a weekend getaway to Disneyland. And yes, it seems like I end up there a lot these days too. Once again, I am traveling solo (although if it wasn’t for the fact that I bought an Annual Pass last year I don’t think I would be taking this trip at all) but I am planning to take another trip in August with friends before the pass expires (and gets a heck of a lot more expensive to renew). Given the fact that I am back in a contract position at my job right now, vacation time has once again proven elusive, so I need to take these quick getaways where I can. I suspect (or at least hope) that my current situation will be temporary, and that I will be back into something a bit more stable soon, but for now I think it’s best to just go with the flow and let things happen how they will. Even so, I do still find time to sneak away for a long weekend every once in a while, although the relatively short time does mean my options for vacation destinations are a bit limited.

Unlike most of the Disneyland trips I take, I don’t intend to spend the whole time rushing around from ride to ride to try to cram in everything I can this time around. I’ve tried that approach many times, and mostly it just wears you out. When you are on your own you can usually just deal with it and soldier on, but trying to take that approach in a group (especially with kids) is just asking for trouble. In particular, Epcot over at Disney World has developed a bit of notoriety among the various Disney junkies on the boards I read as being the Meltdowniest Place on Earth, and I can see why. It’s a huge park, it takes forever to walk from one ride to another, and I suspect a lot of kids would be bored to tears by most of the stuff in the World Showcase. On this particular trip, I intend to take a more casual approach than I usually do, mostly trying to keep myself from needing a vacation to get away from my vacation. Knowing that I will most likely be back in August definitely helps with that one.

On the other hand, thanks to a bit of luck, on this trip I will actually be getting a rare chance to see all the new stuff at California Adventure just a little bit before the general public gets to. On Monday Disney is doing a preview of Cars Land and Buena Vista Street for a small group of Annual Passholders (well, apparently about 10,000 or so, but given the fact that over a million people have Annual Passes at Disneyland these days that’s comparatively tiny) and I was one of the ones who managed to actually get in. And yes, I intend to blog about it. So far, the reviews from the few people who have had a chance to see it have been pretty positive, and huge crowds are expected when it officially opens next Friday. Given the fact that people who entered the lottery for a spot in the preview didn’t get notified until just about a week and a half ago whether to not they got in (and from what I read over at DISBoards, most of them didn’t) I actually had to make my travel arrangements before I would find out whether I got in or not. I had intended to take this trip whether I made it into the preview or not (mostly because I just needed the excuse to get away for a bit) but being able to get into the preview does add a nice little bonus. Anyway, you will be seeing more about this next week when I get home,

In the meantime, I am currently running on about three hours of sleep last night, which means that I should be nice and loopy right around the time all the fun stuff starts happening in the parks this evening. Either that, or I’ll end up zonked out on a park bench in the middle of Adventureland while wearing a pair of Mickey ears with someone else’s name embroidered on them. I suppose that it would at least make for an interesting story….

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