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April 4, 2013

Fun With Insomnia: Hello Darkness, My Old Friend

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Don’t worry, I’m not planning on getting all creepy and/or depressed here, it’s just a song lyric.  For some reason, Simon and Garfunkel’s The Sound of Silence has always seemed to me to be an especially appropriate insomnia song.  Granted, it was released in the early Sixties right around the time things really started getting weird (although, as the Wikipedia article on the song notes, it was written just a few months after John F. Kennedy was assassinated,) but for some odd reason, I seem to have picked up a bit of a taste for at least some of the various psychedelic 60s music out there.  Even though I have no intention of ever abusing various recreational controlled substances for fun and profit, occasionally a little bit of Grateful Dead, Byrds, Animals, or even a bit of the out-and-out druggie music just hits the spot  Incidentally, if you ever find yourself trying to figure out the meanings of some of these songs, something I’ve found to be a useful exercise is to just start randomly replacing various nouns in the song with the word “drugs”.  This song makes for a particularly good demonstration of this theory.

Anyway, as you can probably tell by now, I am currently awake at nearly 2am on a weeknight, not particularly thrilled with this fact, and probably a little bit loopy to boot.  Come to think of it, it’s been quite a while since I’ve done one of these Fun With Insomnia posts.  Not that I’ve necessarily been sleeping any better than usual, but lately I just haven’t done nearly as much lying awake in bed as I used to.  I’ve been pretty good about avoiding caffeine lately (which I pretty much have to do, since pretty much any amount of caffeine will keep me up half the night and send me flying up the walls in the meantime) but even without that, every once in a while I try to go to sleep and find myself completely wired for some reason.  Tonight seems to be one of those nights.  Granted, I might have gotten myself just a little bit more sugar than I really needed this evening, but usually that alone isn’t enough.  It’s probably the combination of that mixed with anticipation.

Earlier this evening, me and my friends spent some time sorting out details for some of the upcoming trips we have planned.  In just a couple of weeks me and one of my friends will be headed to Disneyland for a badly needed weekend getaway.  Yeah, I know that I seem to end up there a lot for some reason, but with as hectic as work has been lately, I’ll take any excuse I can get.  Given the fact that once again there are multiple trips planned throughout the upcoming year, it looks like I will also be renewing the Annual Pass I bought about a year and a half ago.  As I’ve found through quite a bit of experience, there’s no such thing as a cheap trip to Disneyland (unless you’re a local, then you might actually be able to manage it every once in a while) and it’s looking like this one won’t be any exception, but I actually found that the Annual Pass can be a pretty good way to save a few bucks if you know you will be going often enough to justify the cost.  The included parking alone on the Premium Annual Pass is $15 a day that you won’t be paying at the gate, and amounted to over $200 in savings by itself on last year’s Annual Pass.  On top of that, the discounts in the parks on food and souvenirs can add up.  The only real problems with the Annual Pass are the blackout dates (if you get the Deluxe version instead of the Premium version) and the steep initial cost.  Either way, it looks like I’ll be getting one again, and it looks like I’ll need to find some excuses to use it.

After that trip, it will be only a couple of weeks later that me and my friends are taking a 3-day cruise up the West Coast from Los Angeles to Vancouver.  Shockingly, it’s been over a year since my last cruise at this point, and I have no idea when the next one after that will be (although there’s been some talk of a European cruise next Summer.)  And then a couple of weeks after that one I’ll be heading to Atlanta for a weekend to attend my brother’s wedding.  I still haven’t sorted out all the details for that yet, but since it’s a part of the country that I’ve never been to, that should be an interesting (if brief) trip as well.  After that…  Who knows?

Anyway, I should probably try to get some sleep now.  And I should probably stop writing words on the subway walls and tenement halls too.  Be sure to tune in next time I can’t sleep for more fine quality semi-coherent rambling and pointless drivel.

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