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April 19, 2013

Fun With Ridiculously Early Airplane Rides

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You always know you’re in for a fun time when you’re setting your alarm clock to wake you up at 4 am and standing in an exceedingly long airport security line at 5.  It’s something I try not to make a habit out of, but for some reason, it seems like airline schedulers are all morning people.  I suppose it’s still easier to deal will than the ever-popular East coast redeye flight, mostly by merit of not leaving you crammed into a tiny catch class airline seat for six hours at a time.  Given my apparent inability to ever sleep on an airplane, one of those usually means I’m looking at spending a good 36 hours nice and sleep deprived just so I can be extra fun to be around when I get to my destination.

Then again, I suppose I really have nothing to complain about here.  As usual, I’m on my way down to Disneyland, with an hour layover in Vegas along the way.  It occurs to me that a lot of people only ever manage to make the trip there once, or don’t ever get the chance to go at all.  Since I started going to Disneyland back in 2006, I’ve spent a total of 20 days there, including 14 days since I got my first annual pass back in 2011.  I’m sure that some people manage to get thoroughly sick of the place in just three days, but for some reason I just keep coming back.  Then again, given the fact that my Mom spent quite a bit of time at Disneyland while she and her family were growing up, I suppose I shouldn’t be too surprised about that one.

Even though I have gone on several of those trips by myself and enjoyed them (there are some distinct advantages to traveling solo at Disneyland over going with a group, although at the same time it gets a whole lot easier to completely overdo it and leave yourself completely wiped out at the end of the day,) it’s always nice to have some good traveling companions to share the trip with as well.  In particular, the two friends who I have taken several of these trips with over the past couple of years are especially fun to be around at Disneyland, even if most people would think we’re just a little bit on the weird side when you get all of us together.  Then again, if there’s anywhere on the planet you can get away with being just a little bit weird, it’s Disneyland (well, just as long as you’re not weird in any particular way that would get you hauled off to Disney Jail at least.)

In particular, one of our favorite pastimes on our trips is to come up with the silliest ideas for ride photos we can think of and do them on Splash Mountain and the Tower of Terror.  For this trip, we made a trip out to the dollar store prior to the trip and picked up a number of cheap props to take along with us.  Somehow I suspect we may get an eye roll or two from the bag check people on the way into the park, but then again,it’s not like we’re trying to sneak any really dangerous stuff into the parks like chewing gum or Pepsi.  There should be a few surprises along the way too…

Anyway, it looks like we’re getting close to Vegas now, so I’ll probably go ahead and wrap this up.  I wonder if there’s anywhere at the airport there where you can get married on your layover?  Somehow I doubt it, but I don’t think I’m the first person to get the idea.  Something tells me there might actually be a market for it…


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