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May 10, 2013

Yes, Lutzes are Still Cruise-Taking Nerds.

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For someone who has frequent flyer cards on three different airlines, I really don’t travel all that much.  Nonetheless, it sure seems like I’m doing a lot of traveling these days.  Once again, I’m blogging from an airplane as I had down for the second of three trips in two months (the third coming up in a couple of weeks when I head down to Atlanta for my brother’s wedding and apparently a bit of aimless wandering around the Deep South.)  Nonetheless, for as much traveling as I have been doing lately, I never quite seem to completely get the hang of it, and always manage to forget something.  This time around, I managed to completely forget to bring any chargers for my phone or Kindle.  Given the fact that I don’t really plan to use either of them much for the next few days, this probably isn’t a big deal.

If you’ve been reading this Blog for long enough, you’ll know that I tend to spend a lot of my vacations these days either at Disneyland or on a cruise ship, and since I just did the other one a couple of weeks ago, you can probably guess which one I’m doing this time.  It’s just a quick three-day trip up the coast from LA to Vancouver, but with as busy as work has been lately, the respite is certainly welcome at this point.  It also provides a chance to try out a type of ship I haven’t been on before (I have made plenty of trips on the various Grand class Princess ships. But this will be my first time on one of the two Panamax ships in the fleet.)  This particular trip doesn’t stop anywhere, but we will have a little bit of time to spend in Vancouver between getting off the ship and taking a train back to Seattle.  So far, I don’t think we have any idea what we’re supposed to do there, but I’m sure we’ll figure out something.

There’s already talk of doing a 12-day Mediterranean cruise next Summer as well, but at this point that seems so far away that it’s hard to think to much about that one.  I haven’t been to Europe in over 20 years since I went to Germany for three weeks back in 1993, so that sounds like an interesting way to go see the Old Continent.  Then again, I hear those Mediterranean itineraries are pretty packed with ports almost every day, so that might not exactly be the best cruise to relax on either.

Ever have one of those vacation where you feel like you need a vacation from your vacation by the time you’re done?  For some reason that seems to happen a lot for me lately.  Then again, this one has been planned well in advance of any of the other recent trips (I believe we booked this back in November) so the other ones might be the stressful vacations you take just so you have an excuse to take a relaxing one.  And since this cruis has no stops, there should be plenty of time to do whatever I want, up to and including nothing. In just a few short hours I plan to be doing plenty of that for a while.


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