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April 17, 2008

Don’t Like the Weather Here? Wait a While

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It was just a little bit less than  three weeks ago that we found ourselves dealing with some late snow up here.  Even though a few people had some issues with it (particularly at the higher elevations,)  for most people around here the snow didn’t do much more than make us wonder if Sping got stuck behind an avalanche on the other side of Snoqualmie Pass.  Of course, it seems that things always manage to even themselves out somehow, and last Saturday came with weather straight out of July, with a perfectly clear sky and temperatures that made it into the eighties.  This provided an opportunity to get outside for a while, go hit some balls at the golf driving range, get my car washed, and go tour a rather interesting (and usually inaccessible, with good reason) site here in Redmond, which I will eventually be posting some stuff here about.

On the other hand, it looks like we’re not out of the woods just yet around here.  According to the latest weather reports, this coming weekend will be bringing us yet another cold snap, with forecasts calling for temperatures below freezing, and even the possibility that we might even get some snow again, although not in sufficient quantity to do much damage.  The article also points out that even with the one glorious shining moment we experienced on Saturday, this has still been one of the coldest Aprils on record so far for this area.  It also points out that there have only been two days this year (last Friday and Saturday) in which the average temperature in Seattle has been higher than 61 degrees, far less than the 12.6 that we normally have by this time of year. 

Snow in late March around here is bad enough, but snow in the middle of April?  Sheesh.

January 30, 2008

More Restaurants You Didn’t Know Existed Here

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I meant to post about this back in November, but forgot about until I went through my photo backlog last night.  This is down in Federal Way, next to the recently opened Wal-Mart Supercenter:

 It’s a Del Taco restaurant, and as far as I can tell, it is currently the only one to be found anywhere in the Puget Sound area (the website shows one location in Vancouver and one in the Tri-Cities, but no other ones near here.)  Much of the menu here falls into roughly the same category as Taco Bell:  pseudo-Mexican type fast food for cheap, although they also have burgers on the menu for some odd reason.  I did try a couple of items while I was down there, but it wasn’t enough to really get a good feel for the place.  Looking at the franchising section of their website, it does appear that they are interested in moving further into the Seattle area, but seem to be focusing on the area to the south in Tacoma, Olympia and Centralia, as well as Bremerton.  I will note that the “Beyond hot” Del Scorcho sauce they provide is exceedingly wimpy, especially given the hyperbole used in the name, which has inspired the design of a monster truck

Also of note is the co-branded KFC/Long John Silver’s in the background.  Long John Silver’s is another brand that I have not seen in this area before, although with much better alternatives for that type of food to be found around here, I’m not sure why they bother. 

November 3, 2007

Highlights from the 2007 Seattle Auto Show

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Compared to the big auto shows such as the ones in LA, New York and Detroit, the annual Seattle Auto Show is nothing to write home about.  Sure, it does give you a chance to check out all sorts of new cars without the pressure of some salesman breathing down your neck, as well as an opportunity to see all the luxury and exotic cars that would melt your bank account if you wandered too close to the showroom, but aside from a smattering of leftover concpets from the Detroit show earlier in the year, there’s not much else to see beside the stuff that’s already been on the dealer lots for months now.  Nonetheless, every year I  make the trip into downtown Seattle to check out the show.  Usually I go to the show with my younger brother, but since he now lives 900 miles away (and sells Lexuses, which gives him an opportunity to actually drive some of the nicer cars you might see here,) I’m on my own this time around.   Also this year, for the first time in… well, ever, I am not driving a way-past-its-prime rustbucket that was in dire need of replacement years ago.  This meant that rather than going through everything with the proverbial fine tooth comb, this year I could just skip right to the interesting stuff.  After the jump, some of the highlights from this year’s show, complete with a lot of pictures.


October 18, 2007

Riding out the storm

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If you live around here, you might have noticed that it’s a tad breezy out there today.  A windstorm containing some of the remnants of a tropical storm is bearing down on the Pacific Northwest, resulting in a lot of wind, although so far I haven’t seen much of it here aside from the occasional strong gust, and leaves blowing around all over the place.  There have been some scattered reports of damage and power outages, but so far it’s looking like most people will get through this unscathed.  Of course, I imagine that the windstorm we had here last winter probably convinced people to actually take some steps to prepare for this one.  Me and my family (who are scattered around the area) got through that in relatively good shape as well, although we didn’t completely escape the effects of the storm (my power was out here for about 36 hours, and my parents had a similar power outage and a large tree fall down in the yard, which fortunately only took out a couple of sections of fence.  My brother-in-law, sister,  and their then newborn son ended up with no power for four days.)  I definitely could have been more prepared for the last one, but I think that at this point, if I had to deal with a power outage I’d probably be in better shape this time around.  I have a number of flashlights, a full tank of gas in the car (which is something I didn’t have last time, and ended up having to wait in  long line at a station running on generator power to fill up) a gas grill with a side burner I can cook on, and I keep my apartment well-stocked with food.  I’m not sure how well I’d fare in a situation that resulted in damage to my apartment, but I think the biggest issue I might encounter here would probably be boredom. 

(If you aren’t sure you’re quite as prepared as you might like, King County runs a website with disaster preparedness info specific to this area, and links to more general resources.)

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