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May 2, 2009

Recycled Newspaper: Redmond Crime in 1968

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This week’s Recycled Newspaper draws from several May 1968 issues of the Sammamish Valley News, which is one of the relatively few years of the SVNcurrently available on microfilm.  As I skimmed through these issues, I foundthat there seemed to be plenty going on in Redmond to keep the police busy at this particular time, and for this week’s feature I will be drawing from a few of those stores.  I can’t tell if these stories represent anything more than the usual background  dose of criminal activity andbad driving, but a fair bit of what was going on at this time seemed to be noteworthy enough to write up in the local paper, often in a fair bit of detail.  In addition to what has been included here, the paper also included stories on several  instances of traffic fatalities in Redmond around this particular time, but I have chosen not to include those articles here.  There were also a number of other articles and ads of note within the SVN issues in question, and I will most likely be using some of those items for next week’s Recycled Newspaper.   For the time being, hit the jump for a look at some of the assorted miscreantismgoing on here in Redmond back in 1968.


September 18, 2007

Sure, we’ll get right on that for you

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Let’s say you’re a drug runner, and you’re trying to sneak a couple of backpacks full of Cocaine into Canada. Unfortunately, the cops are around, and you need to stash your load somewhere out in the woods until the heat is off.  The problem is, you seem to have forgotten where you stashed it, and the boss is getting a tad suspicious.  What would you do:

A) Make up some elaborate excuse and hope the boss buys it?

B) Tell the truth, and  hope they go easy on you?

C) Call the Border Patrol and try to have them make up an excuse for you?

 In this case, option C was chosen, which resulted in arrest on a felony drug charge (Possession with intent to distribute) when the two missing backpacks were located by a Boy Scout two weeks later.

August 29, 2007

I guess everyone needs a hobby…

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You’re 81 years old, retired, and got nothing to do but hang out at the casino all day.  Need a hobby?  Why not try loan sharking?

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