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January 31, 2008

Hot on the Trail: The Curious Case of Sunjel and the National Consumer Confidence Commission

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In creating the posts that show up on this Blog, I do a fair bit of wandering around, and most of the posts I make come from the results of that wandering.  I usually don’t dig too deep into things when I’m doing this, since there usually isn’t a whole lot to dig into.  When I was at the local Target a couple of days ago, while wandering the aisles I found a number of cans of Sunjel, labelled as being an “Earth Friendly Premium Gelled Alcohol” product, somewhat similar to the more well-known Sterno, but apparently targeted for use in ventless fireplaces rather than for warming of food.  In this case, there isn’t anything particularly notable about the product itself (it’s basically a can of gelled alcohol, with what is claimed to be an organic gelling agent) but some of the details on the can seemed just a little odd.  Normally I would just take a picture of this, use it for some sort of quick post and call it good, but some further digging on this turned up some rather unusual stuff.

Anyway, Here is the can itself (enlarged a bit to make it a little easier to make out some of the details:)

If you still can’t read the text on the top of the can, it reads as follows:

We are approved by The National Consumer Confidence Commission

Verify everyone’s service & product certification on including ours

And the text on the banner reads:

Voted Favorite Brand By Consumer Poll

Since 1985

We’ll get to the first part later, but for a relatively mundane product found on the shelf at Target with no obvious competition. it seems like they are making an unusual effort to assure the customer the legitimacy of their product.  It seems to me that there shouldn’t be a whole lot to question here.  Either the stuff catches fire when you light it and continues to burn for some reasonable length of time, or it doesn’t.  The information listed on the back of the can points to a website for the company found at, which I went to in order to try to get some more information on the product. (more…)


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