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December 4, 2012

Going for a Laser Guided Spin: My 2012 Ferris Wheel Christmas Ornaments

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As you may know, each year at Thanksgiving my family does an exchange of Christmas ornaments.  Coming from a family where a number of people seem to be big on arts and crafts (to the point that several of my aunts run a crafting business that focuses primarily on home decor items using vinyl lettering) it takes some work to keep up with the creativity, but I think I’ve managed to do a reasonably good job of this.  For the past couple of years, I have taken advantage of the laser cutter available at Metrix Create:Space on Capitol Hill in Seattle for creating my own custom-designed ornaments, and decided to take the same approach once again this year, and the result of this project is the ferris wheel ornament you see above.  Although all that work that may sound intimidating to some people, in reality it isn’t nearly as difficult to do as it sounds, and anyone with the right tools (which are freely available open source software) a reasonable amount of understanding of how to create vector graphics could do 75% of the work it takes to design something like this fairly quickly.  Of course, the devil is always in the details, and it turned out that the last 25% worth of fine tuning to get everything to fit together properly took at least 75% of the time I spent on this project.  After the jump, I will go through the process of creating these, and hopefully I can provide some useful tips to anyone who might try something like this.

My previous laser-cut ornament projects:


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