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March 10, 2010

All Dressed Up and Going Nowhere Fast: The Not-So-Secret Life of the Department Store Mannequin

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 You see them all the time, but hardly ever give much thought to them.  That’s pretty much the idea, really.  Mannequins are designed for one purpose:  To stand around all day and (most of the time) look fashionable.  Not that the job is all fun and games, of course.  After all, how would you like have to stand around all day in public wearing nothing but underwear (or, if you happened to end up in the jewelry department, quite possibly even less?)  Furthermore, it seems almost be more the exception than the rule for mannequins these days to receive the full complement of body parts which us humans have become accustomed to as standard equipment…  Then again, as inanimate slabs of vaguely human-shaped plastic and fiberglass, they tend to be a few parts short of being capable of much complaint as well.  Mostly they just silently stand around and do the job they were designed to do, but on occasion a mannequin or two manages to stand out from the anonymous crowd.  After the jump, we’ll take a look at a few of these mannequins, all dressed up and going nowhere fast.



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