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November 2, 2008

Beagles in the Mist

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As mentioned a couple of posts ago, this last week my parents went down to Cancun for the week, along with my brother and his wife.  Owing to a combination of work schedule and the fact that I just spent a bunch of money on building a new computer, I ended up being unable to join them for the trip, which meant that once again, I found myself taking care of Imola and Minardi, which included their twice-a-day trips to the Marymoot dog park.  This time around, I haven’t bothered doing a whole lot of dogblogging, mostly because I used up most of the good topics on the last couple of dogsitting stints, and because for the most part the whole thing has gotten to be pretty routine by now, although the earlier sunsets did make for a bit of a time crunch to get the evening walk in before it got too dark there. 

With Autumn settling on the land and the days getting shorter, the weather has definitely been getting colder.  In fact, a couple of days this past week there was frost on the ground in the morning.  Fortunately the weather mostly cooperated, with daytime temperatures in the upper fifties and lower sixties, and we managed to avoid getting rained on this week (in fact, it started raining pretty heavily about five minutes after we got home from the last walk on Friday before my parents got home in the afternoon.)  The mornings were still fairly cold though, and the morning fog made for some interesting scenery at the dog park.  After the jump, a few pictures from the morning walk on Thursday.


August 22, 2008

The Marymoor Dog Park Revisited

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Wait, you mean it isn't a prairie dog park?

The last time I was here dogsitting back in April, I put together a brief tour of the huge off-leash dog area over at Marymoor Park here in Redmond.  As I said when I previously wrote about the dog park, having a huge place to allow the dogs to run around unleashed makes the job a lot easier, especially when you have high-maintenance dogs like Beagles to deal with.  During the warm weather months, this place can be especially popular, although even on the dreariest of days (a couple of which seem to have shown up this week) you’ll find the diehards and their canine companions out for their morning walk in spite of the weather.

As with many other things, the dog park tends to change with the seasons, and a few months can change quite a bit out here.  To show some of these changes, I thought i’d take a few more photos  and show some of the changes that come with the season.  After the jump, a look at the dog park in late Summer.


April 29, 2008

BeagleFest 2008: A Tour of the Marymoor Dog Park

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 As much as I enjoy the chance to hang out with Imola and Minardi this week, there are very good reasons that I have never given much thought to getting a Beagle of my own.  Sure, I might have names picked out already if I ever do happen to get a beagle or two of my own (the next ones would be named Mugello and Fiorano,) but in my current situation I would be ill-equipped to take care of any dog, much less a challenging breed like a Beagle.  Most beagles do not do well at all in confined spaces, and very few beagles do well in apartments.  Even in a decent sized single family house such as this one the dogs can get a little loopy if they aren’t given the chance to run around for a while use up some of the energy that they seem to come by so easily. 

It is for this reason that we are fortunate to have the Marymoor off-leash dog area nearby.  Although there are a number of other off-leash dog areas in the general vicinity, the one ar Marymoor is the closest, and by far the largest, encompassing nearly 40 acres of space.  To a human unfamiliar with the place, it doesn’t look like much more than a big open field with some trails crisscrossing it and a couple of places to access the river.  To a dog, on the other hand, this place must be something like Disneyland, with all sorts of open spaces to run around in, plenty of interesting new dogs to meet every day and scents to follow, and places to go for a nice refreshing ball-fetching swim.  The nice weather we had on Saturday brought a multitude of human and canine visitors to the park, so I thought it would provide a good opportunity to take some photos of the place.  After the jump, a tour of the Marymoor off-leash dog area.


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